Printing Labels and Envelopes with Your Letters

Top Producer CRM’s template library also comes with a number of label and envelope templates you can print out when sending out your letters. When it comes time to print your letters, Top Producer CRM allows you to select label and envelope templates and print them out at the same time as your letters, instead of having to create separate activities for each template.

  1. Click the Marketing main menu icon to open the template library.
  2. From the Letters category, click the Letter Activities link to open the Activities Summary page with a list of letter activities to complete.
  3. Click the View and Print PDF 8i Print Envelopes   and Labelsicon next to the letter activity you want to print. The letter opens in preview mode on a separate internet browser tab.

    Tip: You can also print a letter activity by opening the activity and clicking the Print Preview link.

  4. The Envelopes and Labels segment appears at the bottom of the previewed letter.

    8i Print Envelopes and Labels

    Tip: If the Envelopes and Labels section is not visible, be sure to scroll down the entire page using the browser scroll bar (not the print preview scroll bar).

  5. Use the Select to print option buttons to print either envelopes or letters.
  6. Select the appropriate category and template, then click the View & Print button.
  7. The template opens in preview mode on a separate internet browser tab as a PDF document. Use the Adobe PDF Toolbar to print the labels.

    Important: When printing labels, it is extremely important that your print settings are correct. Otherwise, your printed labels will not align correctly on the label sheet. For information about Adobe Print Settings, click here.

  8. After printing is complete, close the window or tab containing the labels or envelopes.

Log in to print envelopes and labels.

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