When a listing is created the contact selected becomes the Primary Seller associated with the listing. You may have the need to add additional sellers to the listing, which can be done using the Listing Parties feature.

To add another Listing Party, open the Listing Record and click the Listing Parties tab.

Image - Add Listing Party

Click Add Listing Party, and in the contact list that appears on the right, locate the contact you’d like to add as a Listing Party, and drag them into the Listing Party list.

Image - Add Listing Party

Note: A Listing Party must be an existing contact in your database. If the party does not yet exist as a contact, first add them using the Add Contact form and then repeat the steps above.

The contact will be added as a Seller, and become associated with this listing. Once added, reports can be generated to include their information, and a Customer Webpage can be created for them.

Login to add listing parties.