After creating a buyer or seller net sheet, you can open the net sheet for editing, during which you can add or delete expenses, add default expenses from the Net Sheet Default list, or edit expenses and transaction details.

To edit an existing net sheet:

  1. Open the Seller Net Sheets screen or the Buyer Net Sheets screen. From the Main Menu bar, go to Applications and select [Buyer/Seller] Net Sheets under the Financial section.


  2. Click the name of the net sheet you want to edit.


  3. To edit the mortgage information, select the [Buyer/Seller] Net Sheet Details tab and click the Edit Net Sheet Details link.


  4. To add an expense, select a [Buyer/Seller] Expenses tab corresponding to the expense type you want to add and click the Add [Buyer/Seller] Expense. Add a Description, Define the cost and click the Add [Buyer/Seller] Expense button.


  5. To add a default expense:

    1. Select the tab corresponding to the expense type.
    2. Click the Select from Defaults action link.
    3. Place a check beside the default cost(s) you want to apply to the net sheet.
    4. Click the Apply Defaults button.


For more information on default expenses, see Creating Default Net Sheet Expenses.

Login to edit a net sheet.