Top Producer® 8i CRM: A plan template says I’m including a “checklist”. How do I create the checklist?

Some of the pre-made email and letter templates that are part of various Top Producer CRM Action Plans include a comment indicating you are including a “Checklist” along with the email or letter. The checklist is not included as part of that template, and you will need to generate the checklist separately. You can create this checklist inside of Top Producer using a Flyer, or you can create your own checklist in another program and include it with the mail-out.

Creating the Checklist in Top Producer CRM

There are multiple pre-made Flyer templates that are designed to be Checklists, and the comments included inside Plan email and letter templates refer specifically to these Flyers. You can use one of the original Flyer templates or create your own. Once the Flyer is created, you can print it (to include with a letter), or save it as a PDF and attach it to the email. Alternatively, you can also generate a Marketing Link to the Flyer and include the link inside the Email.

Creating the Checklist in another Program

If you prefer to create the Checklist outside of Top Producer CRM, simply use your favorite program to design the checklist document and save it to your computer. You can then print it (to include with a letter), or include it with an email as a file attachment. Remember that if you are creating a checklist to be sent by email it should be provided in a common file format that most people can open on their computer. For instance, you might prefer to use Adobe Illustrator to make your checklists, but not many people can open an Illustrator project file – save it as a PDF or an image instead.

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