If you account has a status of Active, you will be able to log in normally and use your account. If your account is not Active, you may see a pop-up message each time you log in to your account or be denied access, depending on the current status. Please read below for more information about account statuses.


An account status of Active means your account is fully available, up to date and is functioning normally. You may log in at any time to review your subscription details, use the tools, or make changes.


An account status of Probation means that a single payment for your subscription has been missed. Your subscription has a 30-day grace period to allow you some time to resolve the payment problem while still retaining access to your subscription. When you attempt to login to an account that is in Probation you will receive a notification pop-up window.

Click Continue on the probation notice screen to enter your account or click Update to update your credit card details or retry the payment processing for all subscriptions. Once payment has been processed for the outstanding amount, the notice will disappear. Our billing system will automatically retry from time to time to collect the payment.


An account status of Suspended means that a second monthly payment for your subscription was unable to be automatically processed. While your account is still intact, access to the subscription is suspended until the monthly payments are brought up to date. Our billing system will automatically retry from time to time to collect the payment. To update your billing information you will need to contact a Top Producer representative.

Website subscriptions will show the website as “under construction”.


A status of Closed means your subscription is no longer functional and user access is denied after missing a third consecutive monthly payment. Your subscription may at this point still be fully recovered, including all data, customizations and settings.


Beyond 90 days after the time the subscription closed, if the arrears which caused the account to be closed have not yet been resolved, all data is deleted from the account. This includes all contacts, settings, customizations and history.

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