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Powerful Lead-Producing Solution and Fast Follow-Up System that helps you close.

Get a steady source of leads that gives you a constant flow of consumers who are looking for information about a specific property for sale on®. Plus, use Top Producer® CRM to keep your leads and prospects engaged until they are ready to transact.

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Consumers want an agent’s help. We send your lead to you and no one else.

Consumers are looking for more information on a specific property since they are reaching out for help from a real estate professional, there is a better chance that they are not already committed to another agent.

Consumers are notified and ready to hear from you via phone call or email.

Upon their inquiry consumers are notified by email that you will be making contact and they should be expecting to hear from you!

Follow up fast with Top Producer® CRM before your leads go cold.

Following up on your leads immediately is key – consumers who are not yet working with an agent are most responsive to working with you if you follow up. Top Producer® CRM notifies you instantly on your smart phone when the leads come in.

You will have immediate access to the consumer’s contact information and property interest at your fingertips. Some may be prepared to make a move right away. For others you can use Top Producer® CRM to keep them engaged until they are ready to transact.

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