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The tools you have from Top Producer and®
are just the start of something beautiful.

Our apps plug-in seamlessly to the solutions you already have, and are designed to finely tune your marketing machine.

Generate leads at open houses. Spark a conversation on social media. Respond to leads faster, leverage leads from Craigslist and show your sellers that you’ll make their homes portable and easy to find. Our powerful suite of complementary apps squeeze out every ounce of marketing juice from your Top Producer and® solutions, and will help you crank up your productivity.

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Apps for Top Producer

Quick Lead

Not at your computer when a lead comes in? No Problem. Designed to work on ANY smartphone, the Quick Lead app lets you capture leads while you’re on the move, in seconds. Once you’re set up, incoming leads are automatically added to your Top Producer CRM and are placed on a predefined follow-up plan for you. So go ahead and enjoy that cup of coffee, and spend a little extra time at the ballgame – Quick Lead will take care of new leads so you don’t have to.

Top Connector*

Harness the full power of local real estate data with Top Connector. Because Top Connector plugs your marketing machine directly into your MLS, you’ll have the freshest local data right at your fingertips. Send out marketing pieces that tell the local story, and blow away the competition at your next listing presentation with a CMA that’s chock-full of market data and the trends your seller needs to know. Top Connector gives you the confidence you need to wow more consumers and win more business.

Apps for Market Snapshot


Designed to turn walk-ins into clients through an open house experience that’s interactive and fun, the BrightOpen™ app for iPad and tablets can help turn your next open house into a lead-gen landslide. Fire up the BrightOpen™ app. Load your open house listing, and have visitors fill out the contact form to receive automatic market updates. You’ll stay in touch and cultivate REAL clients by sending them RELEVANT information. And you’re servicing your seller by ensuring that you follow-up with every single person who signed up at the open house, so if there’s interest in a purchase, you’ll be able to find out.


Craigslist Ad Creator

You’re a real estate agent, not a secret agent, so you don’t need your listings in the classifieds. What you do need however, is Craigslist. Consumers are using the site to search for real estate deals, and we’ve got an app that’ll help you connect with them. Our Craigslist Ad Creator lets you create a professional ad and uploads it to Craigslist for you. You’ll capture consumer interest and generate leads by giving them market data on the search platform they love, and you’ll do it all in about a minute.

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