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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Producer® products are used by individual agents, assistants and real estate teams of all sizes. Our clients range from new agents committed to accelerating business growth, and real estate industry veterans who are top producing agents within their brokerages, states and nationally.

Here are our clients’ Top 5 Reasons for choosing Top Producer®:

  1. Every single Top Producer® product and system has been real estate industry-tested and proven to generate and close more leads and sales.
  2. Only Top Producer® offers fully integrated lead generation, contact management, postcard marketing and Internet marketing systems. This means that we offer you systems that help you generate leads and get more deals from every possible source- whether it’s working your sphere of influence, postcard marketing, your website, print advertising and more. Having a fully integrated system also saves you hours every day in data entry and duplication time.
  3. Top Producer® has over 20 years experience in helping Real Estate Agents increase sales, and have built state-of-the art systems based on decades of experience in. Our longevity in the industry also means you can count on us to deliver ongoing support, service and data protection.
  4. Our systems are easy to learn and use. We’ve designed our products with ease-of-use in mind. It’s easy to get started and start building your business.
  5. We’re committed to helping you succeed with unparalleled support - free. Every Top Producer® client receives unlimited technical service and support- absolutely free. We also provide live, online training and helpful tips and resources at Top Producer® Campus

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need Top Producer®. You’ll experience a staggering increase in productivity when you make the switch.

Consider this: the most successful agents are those who are able to make the most of their day by working with clients face-to-face while also nurturing leads behind the scenes. What’s their secret? They have automated systems like Top Producer® working for them around the clock, even when they’re not in the office.

Outlook doesn’t offer the lead and client management, sales and marketing tools that are essential to a real estate agent’s success, such as:

  • Automated lead and follow-up 'Action Plans'
  • Hundreds of professional sales, marketing and presentation templates, customized for real estate
  • Ability to automatically add leads from multiple sources (e.g. your website, into your contact database - reducing data entry time
  • Ability to flag where new leads have come from
  • Real estate-specific business features- listings, financial, and transactional tools
  • Convenient access to your data and contacts from anywhere over the Internet …

    …. plus dozens of sales maximizing tools that only Top Producer® offers!

You’re not alone- most of our clients are not tech savvy, so our products are built to be user-friendly and easy to learn.

We often hear from our clients that our technical support is the best in the business. For those who need help, live technical support is available to you, free of charge at 1.833.387.1911.

We also have a number of free online training resources like Top Producer® Campus, available to you anytime.

Top Producer® offers some of the most affordable lead generation, contact management and marketing solutions in the industry. For example, the cost of a monthly subscription for Top Producer® works out to approximately $1.30 per day.

You can also save money when you bundle products for the ultimate sales and productivity system. Call us and we’ll help you figure out how and where to save.

In addition, the lead generation and sales results you’ll get from Top Producer®, mean that our products pay for themselves- and more! All of our products provide results you can measure. You can view reports on response rates at any time, and once you have your systems in place, you will be able to see new buyer and seller leads, clients, and sales in your database right away.

Top Producer® starts from just $39.95 per month. Your savings will increase when you start bundling products for the ultimate sales and productivity system. View product pricing information here.

Our free online support center, Top Producer® Campus, is continuously being updated with new tips, training videos and resources to help you get the most out of your Top Producer® systems.

Top Producer® also offers LIVE, instructor-led Online Training classes for Top Producer®, with in-depth instruction and real-world strategies. Learn more about available Online Training Classes.

Top Producer® is committed to providing every client with unparalleled, one-on-one technical support. Simply call 1.833.387.1911 to receive live help, free of charge.

Your data is completely safe with us. We use the most advanced data security technology and practices available. We know that your database is your most valuable asset and have established multiple levels of security to protect our servers.

Yes, Top Producer® gives you a variety of flexible options to meet the needs of any single Agent or group. Subscribe as an agent with assistants, or as a partnership or team so you can share a database while maintaining your name on your personal marketing and presentation materials.

Web-based Top Producer® gives your workgroup automatic networking, so none of you ever have to spend time synchronizing database changes over multiple computers. Whether you and your team members are at home, the office, out of town at a conference, or on vacation you can all access your database in real time, check Web leads and email, communicate, and work productively from any computer with Internet connectivity.

You also have the option of limiting access to assistants or team members. As the primary account holder, you’ll be the one with the ability to make administrative changes and delegate user permissions throughout the account.

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