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What is Top Producer® CRM?
An easy, effective follow-up system

Top Producer® CRM has been helping agents manage and grow relationships with home buyers, sellers and owners since 1982. Our next-gen CRM is designed to help agents meet the needs of today’s consumer and build better connections by making follow-up easy, relevant and personalized.

  • Build your client database easily with popular integrations
  • Get a 360° view of contacts for personalized outreach
  • Simplify follow-up with templates and your own Follow Up Coach
  • Stay top-of-mind with effective text and email marketing
  • Keep your team working effectively with lead assignment, shared access to contacts, communications, and a calendar of key dates and tasks
  • Work on-the-go with a mobile and tablet-friendly CRM
  • No limits on usage, no hidden costs, and FREE coaching and support
What is Top Producer® CRM?
Build your client database easily with Top Producer® CRM

Build a real estate client database easily with Top Producer® CRM

Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned real estate veteran, building your client database is an important part of your ongoing success. Top Producer® CRM brings together all your contacts, leads and listings with little effort.

  • Easily import and export contact lists while keeping important notes & tags.
  • Add new leads automatically by integrating FiveStreet lead response software, or connect directly with 100+ online lead sources including, Zillow and
  • Capture your own online leads by connecting your Top Producer® website and Market Snapshot® landing pages
  • Sync Top Producer® CRM with your Google or iCloud contacts
  • Connect with Zapier to automatically import leads from Facebook ads, Google forms and more
Build your client database easily with Top Producer® CRM

Top Producer® CRM helps you make personal connections

Home buyers and sellers want to be known as people, not transactions. Top Producer® CRM gives you the information and tools you need to personalize interactions, build meaningful relationships, and connect with people at every stage in your pipeline.

  • Enjoy a 360° view of every contact, including a photo, social media links, notes, relationships, important dates, tags and status
  • View past interactions in a helpful timeline, including texts, emails, call notes, and Market Snapshot® reports received
  • Get prompts to follow up on important dates, like the anniversary of a home purchase or birthdays
  • Target communications based on stage in your pipeline or status
Simplify follow-up with Top Producer® CRM

Top Producer® CRM makes follow up simple

The Top Producer® CRM has powerful features and a simple interface, so you can engage with contacts in just minutes per day. When’s the best time to reach out to a long-term prospect? How should you approach a past client? Top Producer® CRM coaches you in real-time with reminders and recommended activities. You’ll even get suggestions for topics to discuss with your clients.

  • Know what to say with suggested scripts, templates and emails written by industry veterans
  • Follow prompts from your digital Follow Up Coach to make 5 meaningful connections per day, or 1000+ per year
  • Communicate with your personal text or email while within Top Producer® CRM
  • Add call wrap-ups and tasks so you don’t forget next steps
Simplify follow-up with Top Producer® CRM

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