Top Producer® X CRM: Settings

Set up your account and import contacts in Settings (Login > Settings).

My Information

Edit your name, address, contact information and more. Most of this information may already be filled out for you, but you’ll want to check it for accuracy. Click Save My Info to save any changes.

Billing Information

If you’re a solo agent in the USA, you can update your billing information or download past invoices via the link to the® professional dashboard here. Other agents can find information on accessing their billing here.

Contact Sync

Sync contacts from your email account. Enter a supported email address, click Authorize, and follow the prompts to complete the setup. For more information, see Contact Sync.

Import Contacts

Import up to 25,000 contacts at a time in Import Contacts. Simply click Choose File to Import and select your CSV file.

On the next step, select the contact status, add contact types, and map your fields. Field mapping is very important, as that determines where the data in each column of your file will go in our system.

If your file has headers, our system will have already attempted to map the data for you. However, you’ll still want to go through each mapping and make sure it’s correct (i.e. “First” column mapping to “First name” field).

Once your data is mapped correctly, click Import Contacts to complete the import. Your in-progress import will display under Recent Imports. Larger imports take time to process, so you can safely leave this page once the import has started. We’ll send you an email when your import is complete.

Email Integration

Set up integration with any IMAP enabled email account (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!). This integration lets you send emails from Top Producer® X CRM through your email account, and lets you view a history of your email conversations from inside the contact record.

Setup is easy. Enter your email address in the Email field and click Authorize Email, then follow the prompts to complete the process. Emails will automatically begin syncing and will display in the Emails tab of the contact record.

Email Signatures

Add and edit email signatures here. Set up a personalized email signature for each email account you’ve integrated.

Google Calendar Sync

Add your Google account here to sync appointments between Google Calendar and Top Producer®.

To set up Google Calendar Sync, click Authorize Google Sync and follow the prompts to complete the setup. Once setup is complete, appointments added or deleted in one system will be synced over to the other.

Lead Providers

Funnel leads from your lead providers directly into Top Producer® X CRM! In most cases it’s as easy as updating your lead vendor settings to send leads to the email address available here.

For more information, see Lead Integration.

Market Snapshot

Manage your Market Snapshot® and listing alert settings here. Click Save Market Snapshot Settings after making any changes.

MLS Credentials

Add your MLS credentials here to connect Top Producer® X CRM to your MLS, necessary for Market Snapshot® and Property Insights.

Task Plans Manager

Manage your task and transaction plans here. Create a new plan or import from one of our plan templates.


Add your mobile phone number to send messages and view your texting history from within the contact record. Please note that due to legal restrictions this feature is only available to U.S. residents.

To set up texting, enter your mobile number in the Mobile Phone field and click Save Texting Setup. When you receive the confirmation text, reply CONFIRM to finish the setup process. After setup is complete, this page will display your unique Top Producer® phone number.

Text messages sent from within Top Producer® will appear to come from your Top Producer® number, and messages texted to that number are tracked. Messages or calls to your Top Producer® number are routed to your regular mobile number. Tracked messages appear under Texts in the contact record.

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