Top Producer® X CRM: Setting up Contacts

Start by logging in and setting up your contacts. You can add contacts manually or import contacts from a CSV file.

New Users

New users will be prompted to accept the Subscriber Agreement > then make any changes to personal info on the My Information pop-up.

You can then add contacts to the system by importing from a file or entering them manually.

Welcome Pop-up

Note: To later import contacts go to Settings > Import Contacts or to add manually go to Contacts > Add Contact.

Importing Contacts

On the Import Contacts page, select the file to import. Set the status, types, and map the fields for your import.

Field mapping is very important, as that’s where the data in each column will go in the contact record. Use the dropdown menu next to each column name to select the correct field (i.e. “First” column mapping to “First name” field).

We will send you an email when your import is complete so you may continue to the next step.

>> Next step: Setting up Email.

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