Top Producer® X CRM: Contacts

Relationship building and follow-up is easier than ever in Contacts (Log in > Contacts). Organize your contacts, respond to new leads, and never miss an opportunity again.

Adding Contacts

Add contacts manually by clicking the Add Contact button. Enter in the contact’s details, set their status, type, source, etc. as desired and click Save Contact to add your new contact. Remember: to mass import contacts, visit Settings.

Searching for Contacts

Search for contacts using the search box in the top right. Enter a contact’s name, company, email, phone, or address and click Search.

Our system will auto-suggest searches for you based on your recent searches and contact types list. Select a suggestion to perform the search.

Tip: Search for a letter to find all contacts whose last name begins with that letter. For example, search for “c” to find all contacts whose last name begins with the letter c.

To search by contact type, enter “is:” and the contact type. For example, to find all contacts with the “Seller” contact type, type “is:Seller” in the search box.

To search for more than one contact type, separate the types with a comma (i.e. “is: seller, buyer”). Clicking a contact type tag (i.e. ) in a contact record or contact list will also search by contact type.

Viewing Contacts

Your contacts display in a table beneath a set of tabs, each showing a different set of contacts. Click the tabs to navigate between views.

View list of default tabs
  • (Favorites) – Contacts you’ve marked as favorites show here. Just click the star icon to add or remove favorite status.
  • All – Shows all contacts in your database, regardless of status.
  • New – Includes leads that come in automatically via lead providers. Since it’s important to follow up with new leads immediately, this is the default tab.
  • Engage – Contacts with which you have followed-up, but not yet qualified.
  • Future – Contacts that are long-term opportunities, but not ones you may be actively communicating with at this time.
  • Active – Contacts with whom you are actively engaged in a transaction or opportunity.
  • Closed – Contacts who have completed a transaction with you.
  • Follow-up Coach – This tab contains the key to effect follow-up! Each day we’ll suggest five contacts you should follow up with, along with suggestions on your next course of action.

    Click Follow up to open the contact, make your call or other activity, then click Mark Done to complete. Click Skip on a follow-up suggestion to complete without follow-up, and Refresh List to remove and replace all completed follow-up suggestions.

  • Recent – The most recent 25 contact records you’ve opened. Click Clear Recent Contacts to clear this list.
  • Selected – This tab will appear when you have selected contacts, allowing you to review your selections before performing a mass action.


Customizing Contact Tabs

Customize the default tabs to fit your business. Add custom tabs, remove unwanted tabs, and rearrange however you want.

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you:

  • Save everyone assigned the Sphere of Influence contact type to a tab so you can cycle through them to check in and ask for referrals.
  • Save a tab for everyone that lives in Glenview so you can tell them about the new local hotspot or the fundraiser you’re involved with this coming weekend.
Learn more

To add a custom tab, click the cog icon and select Create tab…

There are three types of custom tabs you can create.

  • Contact type – displays contacts that match the selected contact types (i.e. Buyer, Seller).
  • Contact status – displays contacts in the selected contact status (i.e. New, Engage).
  • Search – displays contact search results for criteria you specify, great for frequent searches.

To reorder your tabs, drag and drop the tab along the tab bar. To remove a tab, drag the tab off the bar and drop when it turns red. (Favorites, All and Follow-up cannot be removed)

To change the default tab to the currently selected tab, click the cog icon and select Set current tab as default. To reset your contact tabs to the default configuration, click the cog icon > Reset tabs to defaults.


Add Follow-Up Reminder

Click Add Reminder and set how often you want to follow up with the contacts in the current tab. Contacts that pass the “last touch” date you specified will be highlighted in red.

Viewing a Contact Record

Click a contact’s name to open their contact record. Use the Arrow icons (or the arrow keys on your keyboard) to navigate quickly between contacts.

Click Edit Contact or the Add <info> link on any missing information to edit the contact. Delete a contact by clicking the Delete Contact icon. Click the X icon in the top left of the record to close the contact record.

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