Top Producer® Websites: Importing Listings from Top Producer® Gives an Error

There are a number of error messages that can appear when trying to import listings from Top Producer CRM. Below is a list of some of the errors you may see:

  • Server Side Internal Error
  • There was an error that occurred on the TWS Server
  • Page Cannot Be Displayed

The problem may be related to either data or listing photos. To resolve the issue, try importing a different listing from your Top Producer CRM account. If you find that importing a different listing works then check the property statistics of the listing in Top Producer CRM or try temporarily removing the photos.

If you are unable to narrow down the problem to one specific listing, please contact Top Producer Customer Care.

To access the listing’s property statistics or photos in Top Producer CRM:

  1. Log in to Top Producer CRM.
  2. In the Listings & Closings menu, click Listings Summary
  3. Click the listing you are attempting to import. This opens the listing details.
  4. Click the Photos tab. Try removing the photo(s) by hovering over the image and clicking Delete, then attempt the import again.
  5. Click the Propery Details Tab. Examine the information in each field and look for anything unusual – such as strange characters, or a field with an extraordonary amount of data. Remove any suspicious data and attempt the import again.

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