Your website provides the tools necessary to quickly display your listings. There is no need to manually create a new web page for each listing you want to highlight. Instead, the Listings Manager allows you to control the listing information that will display, and you can create a page that is specifically designed to display listings – all with the correct formatting and images.

The Listings Manager

The Listings Manager allows you to add, edit, and maintain the listings on your website. It is also where you can configure global settings for your Listings Pages. Read about Managing Your Listings.

By default, your website comes with a Listings Page that will display listings you’ve manually entered, and listings imported from your Top Producer account. This page can be accessed in your Website Control Panel by clicking Edit Site in the main menu, selecting Manage My Pages, and then clicking View/Edit next to the Listings page. Alternatively, you can always add another listings page.

Displaying Your® Listings

Since you control the content and settings of your® Listings from within your® account, the Listings Manager doesn’t need to maintain them. Instead, you can create a Listings Page specifically designed access your® account and display the listing information. When you update the information in your® account, the new information appears automatically on your website. Read about Displaying Your® Listings

Adding Top Producer IDX

If you subscribe to Top Producer IDX, you will want to add an IDX Search Page to your website. This allows your visitors to search your MLS Listings directly from within your website. Read about Adding Top Producer IDX

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