Top Producer® Websites: How to Add a Listing Page

  1. Log in to your website control panel and click on Edit Site > Manage My Pages.
  2. Click Add Main Page.


  3. Click Listings Page.
  4. On the Add Listings Page window, fill in the fields as described below.
    • Page Name – Enter a name for this page. The name will also appear in the URL of the page.
    • SEO Title – The text that you enter in the SEO Title field appears in the title bar of the browser when your visitor views your page. The title is used by search engines to “file” your page in their index, and can affect search ranking.
    • SEO Description – Use the SEO Description field to describe the content of your page. This text could appear below your link in a search engine’s search results. Your description should be no more than three sentences. Generally, only the first 250 characters of this tag are read by the search engines.
    • SEO Keywords – Keywords play a role in your page’s positioning on search engines. You can use individual words or phrases.

    For more information about optimizing your page titles, descriptions, and keywords, please visit the Search Engine Optimization section.

  5. Under Types of Listings, choose the type of listing to display:
    • Active – displays active listings from Listings in the main menu.
    • Sold – displays sold listings from Listings in the main menu.
    • Custom – choose a combination of which listings to display.
    • MLS Property – displays MLS listings within the past 6-months.

    Note: To import listings directly from Top Producer CRM, see Importing Your Top Producer Listings Into Your Top Producer Website for more details. To import listings from your MLS to Top Producer CRM, see Adding Listings to Top Producer CRM.

  6. Click Save Page at the bottom of the page.

Log in to create a listing page.

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