Website Wizard: Agent Profile Information

The Agent Profile Information step of the Website Wizard lets you specify the contact info that appears on your site. You can either manually enter the info, or if you have a Top Producer® or® account, you can import your profile.

Note: If this is your first time through the Website Wizard, you may have already imported your profile information in a previous step.

Manually entering your information

To manually enter your information, fill in all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) and optional fields as desired. Click Next when finished to add your photo and logo.

Importing your profile

Save time and ensure branding consistency by importing your profile information (photo/logo, address and contact information) from Top Producer® or®. To import from Top Producer®, click Import Top Producer® Profile, then enter your Top Producer CRM and/or Market Snapshot username and password as shown below.

enable integration

After clicking Save Integrations, you’ll see a preview of the profile info that will be imported. If everything looks good, click Save My Profile to import your profile.

view profile info

To import your® profile, click the Import Profile button and follow the above steps.

When you’ve finished entering your contact info, click Next to add your photo and logo (if applicable).

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