Top Producer® Websites: Search Engine Optimization Overview

A defining quality of a successful website is that it can be easily found on the internet. There are a variety of things you can do to help increase your search engine optimization, which increases your ranking on search engines.

  • Place keywords in your page title, this is very important for SEO so take some time and make sure you are using effective keywords
  • Use keywords in your Alt Image Tags, this is the alternate text or mouse over text for images.
  • Use keywords in your links. Don’t use “click here” or other unrelated words when creating links. Keep the text in your links relevant and descriptive of the content on the page you are linking to.
  • All links on your site need to be working. Page not found errors will hurt your ranking, as well as frustrate users visiting your site.
  • Use keywords in your domain name URL.
  • How old a domain name is affects your SEO, the older the better. When you register a domain make sure it is something you can keep if you change companies so you don’t have to start with a new one. You can also try to register previously used domains that have expired (become available again).
  • Link exchanges can help boost your overall rankings. For Google, it is more useful to have a link from another site to your site than linked both ways, however Bing places importance on both types of links. There are a few items you need to keep in mind if you are using Link Exchanges:
    • The site you are linking to should be related to your site.
    • The higher the page ranking for the site you are linking to (for BING) or linking from (Bing and Google) the more effect it will have on your SEO.
    • Avoid linking to spam sites or sites with a lot of links. These sites will hurt your ranking instead of helping it.

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