Top Producer® 8i CRM: Syncing Your Calendar – Google

Top Producer Google Sync allows you to sync your appointment details between Top Producer CRM and the Google Calendar. Once you have completed the initial setup, new appointments you create and changes you make to existing appointments will automatically be synced-no additional setup is required. In addition, appointments deleted in Top Producer CRM will also be removed from the Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Note: Only your appointments will be synced. Other types of activities you create in Top Producer CRM (for example, to-dos) will not be synced.

Syncs occur automatically at scheduled times. The following appointment details will be synced between Top Producer CRM and the Google Calendar:

  • Appointment title
  • Date
  • Start/End Time (including All Day settings)
  • Recurrence
  • Reminders: See the Reminders section below for details on the different types of reminders you can receive.

Important: All future appointments and appointments within the last 14 days will be synced. Appointments older than 14 days will not be synced.


Once Top Producer Google Sync is set up, depending on the options you choose when entering appointments and the additional sync services you set up, there are various types of reminders you can receive:

  • Email reminders: When you enter your appointments in either Top Producer CRM or the Google Calendar, you can set up email reminders for your appointments. Email reminders set in Top Producer CRM will be sent to the email address you have specified in the My Account area in Top Producer CRM. Email reminders set in the Google Calendar will be sent to your Gmail account (shown below).


  • Pop-up reminders in the Google Calendar: When entering an appointment in the Google Calendar, you can set up pop-up reminders to receive a pop-up reminder from within the Google Calendar.


  • Mobile alerts on your device: You can choose to set up a service from Google called Google Sync to receive additional functionality, including receiving mobile alerts for your Top Producer/Google appointments on your phone or tablet. For more information on the benefits of setting up Google Sync along with Top Producer Google Sync, see the End-to-End Sync with Google Sync article.


NOTE: Office 365 users may also be interested in our Calendar Feed for Office 365.

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