Top Producer® 8i CRM Settings

The Settings area of Top Producer CRM centralizes the settings that personalize your Top Producer CRM experience.

There are 8 tabs on the Settings page. From each tab you can change your preferences for various Top Producer CRM features.

Top Producer Settings

  1. General Settings: Allows you to specify your application color theme, default report orientation, and the default tab that appears when a record is opened. The 3rd Party Setup subtab is where you set up your MLS connectivity and other applications, such as Top Producer Websites. Click the Add Data Service link to set up another application.
  2. Home Settings: Allows you to turn on/off the display of information on the Dashboard (Home Page), such as My Business, Leads, Listings, and Closings.
  3. Calendar Settings: Allows you to specify the default view for the Calendar (i.e., Day, Week or Month View), the hours that define your workday (start and end times), how time intervals are displayed, your Time Zone, and the activity date range you want displayed when the Activities Summary screen is accessed.
  4. Contact Settings: Enables you to enable/disable duplicate contact checking, download data import tools, and set up Top Producer to receive leads from any lead provider services to which you have subscribed. The Lead Alerts subtab allows you to configure Lead Alerts, and receive leads from any supported lead provider service.
  5. Listings & Closings Settings: Enables you to define listing settings such as expiration dates, specify your listing and closing service report preferences, and set up your agent information for presentation on your customer web pages, and configure destinations for XML-based listing information upload.
    • Listings Setup subtab: Decide when listings expire and when you receive expiration reminders.
    • Listing Service Reports subtabs: Define service report details, such as content, agent contact information, and report footer and colors.
    • Closing Service Reports subtabs: Define service report details, such as content, agent contact information, and report footer and colors.
    • Customer Web Page Setup subtab: Set the necessary information you’d like to appear on your Customer Web Pages, such as photos, content, and where you’d like the pages to appear.
    • Configure Websites subtab: You can convert your listing information into XML to be used on other Web sites. This feature is only intended for those with advanced XML/HTML skills, or if you work with a webmaster/developer.
  6. Marketing Settings: Allows you to define marketing settings, including composing the legal disclaimer, defining your marketing signature and Days on Market (DOM) settings, and set the defaults for envelopes, labels and printer feed methods. You can also edit your publishing messages and determine how long published materials stay active.
    • Publishing Messages subtab: Compose a legal disclaimer and the email body when sending links to published presentations, flyers, and service reports to your contacts. You can also compose a signature that’s automatically included on your letters and emails.
    • Dom Settings subtab: Allows you to specify how you want the DOM calculated when importing comparables from your MLS into your presentations.
    • Published Materials subtab: Decide how long you want your published materials to remain active. Materials will be removed after the specified time.
    • Envelope & Label Settings subtab: Set the default template to be used for envelopes and labels.
  7. Email Settings: Enables you to define the tool you want to use for your Top Producer email (the built in email editor or Microsoft Outlook), set up your email stationery, signatures and Out Of Office settings, view the unsubscribe text that appears on outgoing email, and set your spam settings.
    • Email Accounts subtab: Allows you to connect Top Producer to your 3rd Party Email Provider so that you can view within a contact record the history of email communications sent/recieved through the email account for that contact.
    • TP Email Setup subtab: Set up your email account to use the Top Producer email feature, an external email program, or Top Producer Outlook Connector to manage your emails via Microsoft Outlook.
    • Signature subtab: Define a signature that will be used for all your outgoing email messages if you’re using the Top Producer email feature.
    • Stationery subtab: Set up custom-branded email stationery and include links to any web sites you choose. There are several stationery themes and colors available, so you can choose the style that reflects your personal branding. This stationery can be automatically inserted into the different types of email you send from Top Producer.
    • Out of Office subtab: Automatically send an out of office reply to emails you receive.
    • Unsubscribe subtab: View the unsubscribe message that’s included on email messages you send.
    • Spam Settings subtab: If you are using a account, Top Producer can filter out spam (unsolicited commercial email) from incoming email and direct it to the Spam folder in your Inbox email application. By default, spam filtering is turned off. You can turn the spam filter on and adjust the sensitivity level following the instructions below.

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