Top Producer® 8i CRM: Marketing Settings Overview

The Marketing Settings section is accessible within the Top Producer Settings, in the Marketing sub-tab. It contains five sections: Marketing Services, Publishing Messages, DOM Settings, Published Materials, and Envelope & Label Settings.

Marketing Services


The Marketing Services tab allows you to set up MailChimp and BombBomb for use with Top Producer. Once set up, you have the ability to export contacts directly to these services from within Top Producer CRM. For full details on how to do this, please read Connecting Top Producer CRM to Popular Marketing Services.

Publishing Messages


The Publishing Messages section allows you to customize the content that automatically displays on printed or published marketing materials. If your local requirements specify that you include a disclaimer on your marketing materials, the Disclaimer option lets you create a disclaimer to be automatically included in Flyers, Mass Emails, and Presentations.

Top Producer CRM allows you to email Flyers, Presentations, and Service Reports directly to your contacts and will automatically include some text in the body of the email. The Message Body Text section allows you to customize what those emails communicate.

In the Marketing Signature section you can create a signature to be included in any printed or published material, such as letters or presentations. Any non-email template that contains the Agent.Signature merge code will use the signature you create in this section.

Note: If you do not create a signature in the Marketing Signature section and have created an email signature, Top Producer will use the text in your email signature instead.

DOM Settings


MLS Connectivity has been moved to Top Producer® X CRM and this setting no longer applies. For information on setting up MLS Connectivity in Top Producer® X CRM, please see Add Your Personal Information, Including MLS Credentials.

Published Materials


When marketing materials are published to the internet they are stored on a website provided by Top Producer, so you don’t have to worry about managing the content on your own website. Over time, the published materials may no longer be relevant. Perhaps the property in your published flyer was sold, or the presentation you created led to a transaction. The Published Materials section allows you to choose how long Top Producer CRM should keep these materials published to the internet. By default, published materials are removed 36 Months after they were published.

Note: Published Materials are automatically deleted from the published website only. They will still remain within Top Producer CRM and can be published again if necessary.

Envelope & Label Settings


When printing letters in Top Producer CRM, you are given the option to also print Envelopes or Labels for the contact(s) that were selected for the letters. The Envelope & Label Settings section allows you to choose the envelope and label templates that you use the most. They will automatically be selected should you choose to print envelopes or labels for your letters. You will still be able to select different templates during the process if you don’t want to use the defaults.


Log in to manage Marketing Settings.

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