Top Producer® 8i CRM: Listing and Closing Settings Overview

The Listing and Closing Settings section is accessible within the Top Producer Settings, in the Listings & Closings sub-tab.


Listing Settings contains five sections: Listings Setup, Listing Service Reports, Closing Service Reports, Customer Web Page Setup, and Configure Websites.

Listings Setup


In the Listings Setup section you can configure your listing term by setting the default Expiration Date, as well as configure when Top Producer CRM should remind you of an upcoming expiration. Configuring these options will make creating a listing easier, and give you timely notification of upcoming listing expirations.

Listing Service Reports


You can easily create Listing Service Reports for your listings in Top Producer CRM. The Listing Service Reports section allows you to customize the look of your reports. You can enter your preferred header text and comments, decide which elements of your service activities should be included, choose colors, and more! These settings will be used by default each time you create a listing report.

Closing Service Reports


The Closing Service Reports section works the same as the Listing Service Reports section. You can define your report preferences to use when creating reports for your closings.

Customer Web Page Setup


Customer Web Pages allow your clients to view their Listing and Closing reports online. While individual Customer Web Pages are created within a listing or closing, this section allows you add your photo, decide what information to display, and create header and comment text. For more information about setting up a Customer Web Page, click here.

Note: If you have a Top Producer Website, select the “I have Top Producer Websites” option and enter your website Domain Name. This integrates the Customer Web Page feature with your Top Producer Website.

Configure Websites


Top Producer CRM includes the ability to publish your Top Producer CRM listings to a 3rd party website. You can enable this feature in the Configure Websites section. The information can be transferred to your website host by using one of the following standard file transfer methods: FTP, HTTP-POST, Email, or RETS.

Once set up, simply click a button within a Top Producer CRM Listing to send it to your website. It is important to note that your website must be configured to not only accept the information, but to also display it properly within your site. For information on how to configure your 3rd party website to accept and display Top Producer listing information, contact your website administrator.

Note: The Customer Websites feature is designed for 3rd party websites not otherwise compatible with Top Producer. If you have a Top Producer Website, it is not necessary to configure this section. For information on how to import your Top Producer CRM listings into your Top Producer Website, click here.

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