Top Producer® 8i CRM: Home Settings Overview

The Home Settings section is accessible within the Top Producer Settings, in the Home tab.


The options on this page allow you to display/hide information on the Dashboard (Home Page), as well as configure the information displayed by default in the My Business and Sales Pipeline areas.


To change any of the options, click Edit Home Settings at the bottom. Place a check next to Show on Dashboard for each item you’d like to display. Items without a check will not be displayed.

Default My Business Display

The My Business area has multiple tabs and display options allowing you to view various information. By default, it will provide all of your activities for the last 7 days, separated into tabs based on activity type, and display the content of the Call Activities tab.

My Business Display Options

You can change the default date range by using the pull-down menu next to Display Activities to select your desired range. The second pull-down allows you to choose how the activities are categorized, either all at once or by activity type (default). Selecting by activity type separates your activities based on type and provides individual tabs for each type across the top of My Business. If you have selected the by activity type option, the Default Tab pull-down allows you to select which type of activity will display by default. Selecting all at once will display all of your activities (of all types) in one list.

Default Sales Pipeline Display

By default, the Sales Pipeline Display area will show the tab for contacts with a status of New. You can change which tab displays by using the Default Tab pull-down menu.


When you have finished making your changes, click Save Home Settings.

Log in to manage Home Settings.

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