Email Settings Overview

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The Settings > Email tab contains various tabs that let you specify how you want to handle email: Email Accounts, TP Email Setup, Signature, Stationery, Out of Office, Unsubscribe, and Spam Settings.

Email Accounts


From this tab you can add your email accounts, so email you’ve received from these accounts will automatically appear in the associated Top Producer CRM records. There’s no copying on a per-email basis—just add your accounts and you’re done! You can also view your email history on the mobile version of Top Producer CRM too. For details on how to set this up, see Viewing Email History in Your Contact Records.

TP Email Setup


You can create an email address and, if you have a POP3 email account you want to use, you can set it up too.

You can also set your default email address, which is the address recipients will see when you send email from Top Producer CRM (recipient replies will go to wherever you normally access that account). And the default email client lets you use your default email program when sending email from within Top Producer CRM. (So if you normally use Outlook, when you send email from within Top Producer, Outlook will load.)

For detailed information on this section, see Setting Up Top Producer to Receive 3rd Party Email.



You can create multiple signatures and choose which should be used for each type of email you send. Signatures can contain hyperlinks and pictures, and you can add as many as you want. For more information about creating and editing email signatures, see Adding and Editing Email Signatures.



The Stationery feature allows you to set up high-quality email stationery that you can automatically include in your marketing emails. You can include your contact information, photo, company logo, and links to web sites. If you are using an email template to send your message, the content will be included within the body of the stationery. For more information, see HTML Email Stationery Setup.

Similar to your email signature, you can select which type of emails will automatically use the stationery.

Tip: Since the email stationery includes your photo and company logo, you will likely want to use an email signature that does not include those photos.

Out of Office


The Out of Office section allows you to create an automatic Out of Office email reply for your account. When you know you will be unable to check your email for an extended period of time, you can enable this feature. Emails sent to your email will automatically be sent the reply message you create here.

Important: The Out of Office feature, when enabled, only replies to emails sent to your email address. Emails sent to an external email account and received in Top Producer through POP3 will not receive an Out of Office reply. For information about configuring Out of Office replies for 3rd party email accounts, contact your email provider.



Top Producer CRM allows you to send large numbers of emails at the same time using the Mass Email feature, as well as the ability to schedule a series of emails to be sent over time. To assure compliance with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and similar Acts, Top Producer includes the ability for recipients to unsubscribe from future marketing messages. Each mass email automatically includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. If a recipient clicks the link and chooses to unsubscribe, their Top Producer contact record will be automatically marked as Unsubscribed and they will be omitted from future emails.

You can create a report of all your unsubscribed and subscribed contacts by clicking Create Report.

Note: There are no options to configure in this section, and the Unsubscribe feature cannot be disabled or edited.

Spam Settings


If you’re using an email address (see the TP Email Setup section above), you can set up a spam filter to detect unwanted emails. When enabled, emails filtered as spam are moved to the Spam folder in your TP Email.

Note: This feature only applies to emails sent directly to your email address. Emails sent to an external email account and received in Top Producer won’t be filtered for spam. For details on configuring spam filters for your other accounts, contact your email provider.

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