Top Producer® 8i CRM: How to Add an Agent Account

If you have purchased an additional user License for your Top Producer account, you must set up the account before it can be used. When setting it up, you can create the username and password, as well as configure the account permissions.

To set up an Agent license, log in to Top Producer CRM as the Responsible Agent (main account owner), go to the My Account section and select the Team Members tab. The My Account Header displays all of the user licenses associated with your account. To add an Agent account, you must have an available user license, which can be seen at the top of the header.

If not already selected, click the Agents sub-tab. This displays a list of Agent accounts currently in use, including the Responsible Agent.

Image - Add Agent

Click Add Agent to open the Add/Edit Agent form.


  1. In the Name Details and Login Information section, enter the agent’s name details and the username and password they will use to log onto Top Producer CRM.

    Note: The username you enter must be unique across all Top Producer users. If the username is already in use, you will be prompted to choose another when attempting to save the Agent account.

  2. Assign Add-On Product Licenses section, you can specify the licenses to which this agent should have access. Only the options for the licenses you own will appear in this section.
  3. Assign MLS Access to this User section, select the MLS board(s) you want the agent to access.
  4. Set permissions for this agent section, select if you want the agent to be able to export and delete data, and be able to configure synchonization:
    • Select I want this agent to be able export data from Top Producer if you want the agent to be able to export contact information (including all associated properties), listings, closings, referrals and leads.
    • Select I want this agent to delete or merge data in Top Producer if you want the agent to be able to delete contact information (including all associated properties), listings, closings, referrals and leads, and also be able to Merge Contacts.

      Note: Regardless of this setting, the agent will be able to delete activities and edit or remove information in a record.

    • Select I want this agent to be able to integrate with Office 365, Google and Outlook to allow this agent to set up and configure Top Producer’s Synchronization and Integration features, such as Google Sync.
    • Select I want this agent to see contacts, listings and closings assigned to others only if this agent should be able to view all contacts, listings, and closings, regardless of who they are assigned to. Leaving this option unchecked will restrict this agent to view only contacts, listings, and closings assigned to them. For more information, please see Setting Contact Access for Teams.

Click the Save Agent Info button. The newly added Agent account will appear in the list.

Image - Add Agent

Your agent will now be able to log in with the new username and password you created. They will be able to edit their contact information via the My Account link once logged in, but will not be able to edit the other options you selected.

Log in to add an agent.

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