Top Producer® 8i CRM: Installing the Top Producer Editor

You’ll need to install the Top Producer Editor if you want to create/modify most of the marketing templates in Top Producer CRM, including postcards, flyers, presentations, envelopes and labels. A separate editor, which doesn’t require an installation, is used for creating and editing email and letter templates.

The below steps are for Internet Explorer users. If using Safari, Chrome or Firefox you don’t use the Top Producer Editor, so no installation is required and you can skip the below steps.

The Top Producer Editor is downloaded and installed on each local computer that accesses Top Producer CRM. Since the installation requires a browser restart, it’s a good idea to get it done now rather than waiting until you’re in the middle of a task.

  1. Go to the Marketing menu and click Template Library.
  2. Click any of: Envelope Library, Label Library, or Postcard Library.
  3. Click on any template displayed in the library list.
  4. As the template screen loads, a pop-up window will appear asking you to download the editor tool. Click the Download & Install button.


  5. A File Download window opens. Click the Save button and choose your desktop as the location to save the installation file. Click the Save or Save File button (depending on your browser).
  6. Once the file has downloaded, close all of your browser windows and double-click the downloaded file.
  7. Before exiting the Installation Wizard, decide if you’d like to launch Top Producer CRM, and specify which Internet browser to use. Click the Finish button to complete the setup.
  8. To check if the installation was successful, log in to Top Producer and repeat the steps above (open a template in the template library). If the template loads, installation was successful.
  9. After installing the editor, the downloaded file can be deleted from the desktop.

Enjoy using the Top Producer Editor!

Resolving the "signature of Top Producer Editor.exe is corrupt or invalid" error.

Recently, Microsoft introduced some changes to how Internet Explorer handles files with missing or invalid signatures. Should you receive this message during the Top Producer Editor install it does not mean the file is corrupt or has any other problem, however it does require a couple of extra steps to proceed with the installation.

  1. On the warning message, click View downloads.

  2. Right-click on the row for Top Producer Editor.exe and select Run anyway.

  3. In the User Account Control dialogue, click Yes. The Installation Wizard will open and guide you through the rest of the setup process as described above.

If you continue to have any difficulty installing the Top Producer Editor, please contact us for further assistance.


Log in to install the Top Producer Editor.

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