Top Producer® 8i CRM: Receiving Leads from Cevado Technologies

Cevado Technologies provides real estate agents with websites and IDX/MLS search applications.

When is a Lead Generated?

A lead is generated when visitors are prompted to sign in with their name and email to access Property Search on an agent’s website. Every time a search is submitted, agents will receive an email with the visitor’s contact information, searched critieria, and any appointment requests for specific listings.

What Setup is Required on Cevado’s Side?

Setup requires the intervention of Cevados’s support team, who will initiate the lead transmission to Top Producer CRM directly from Cevado’s system (changes in configuration files). Users are then provided with unique usernames and passwords, and are given instructions to setup the connection in Top Producer CRM.

Important: Cevado provides custom setup to their users at no charge. Contact Cevado by email ( or at their toll free number: 877-700-2519.

Setting your Top Producer account to receive leads from Cevado Technologies

  1. Log in to your Top Producer CRM account.
  2. Click on Settings under the Account menu in the top right corner of Top Producer CRM.

    Select Settings for Lead Provider Setup

  3. Click on the Contacts tab.
  4. Click on My Leads.
  5. Click on Add Lead Provider.
  6. From the Lead Provider Name drop-down list, select Cevado Technologies. The URL field is auto-populated.
  7. Enter the Username and Password provided by Cevado Technologies in the appropriate fields.
  8. Click on the Add Lead Provider button at the bottom.

    Add Lead Provider: Cevado Technologies

Top Producer CRM displays confirmation that the setup has been completed successfully, displaying Cevado Technologies as a lead provider with an Active status (indicated by a green icon). If there is an issue validating the information you’ve entered, the below error will be displayed.

Add Lead Provider Error: Failed Validation

Note: If you experience any issues, please call Top Producer Customer Care at 1.800.830.8300

Log in to receive leads from Cevado Technologies.

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