Top Producer® 8i CRM: Options for Importing Data

Top Producer CRM allows you to effectively create and manage contacts. If you already have existing contacts in another application that you would like to manage from within Top Producer, there are several options available to easily import your data, depending on the source.

Import Options

Instead of syncing data with Google or Outlook, you can import contacts contained within either a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file or a MacOS vCard file (.vcf). This is done using the Top Producer CRM Import Wizard.

  • Comma Separated Value (.csv) files: A .csv file containing contacts can be created manually or by using the built-in export functionality of most contact management systems. Each program or service will have its own method by which you export contacts, and usually provide multiple choices for the type of file to create. Be sure to choose the .csv (comma separated value) format. For assistance exporting from another program or service, please contact the developer or provider for information.
  • MacOS vCard files (.vcf): The Mac Address Book provides the ability to export contacts to a vCard file (.vcf), which can be imported into Top Producer. For information about how to create the correct file, please read Importing Contacts from a Mac Address Book.

Office 365 Integration

You can also import your contacts using our Office 365 Integration. For more information, please see Setting Up Office 365 Integration.

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