Top Producer® 8i CRM: Creating a For Sale Flyer

You can create flyers for listings to send out to prospective buyers. From the Flyer Library page, hover over a For Sale template and click the Create for Contact link. The Create Flyer wizard opens to walk you through the process of creating and sending out your for sale flyer.

  1. Select Template Step
    Because you clicked the Create for Contact link from the for sale template, the flyer is already selected. Click the Next button to go to the next step.

    Note: You can also create a flyer by clicking the Create Flyer link from the Flyer category on the Marketing landing page. You’ll then have to manually select a flyer template.

  2. Select Property Step

    Use the Contacts Look-up tool to find the correct contact. Click the arrow to the right of the contact’s name to open his or her details, and view a list of properties linked to the contact. Drag and drop the appropriate property onto the empty Properties box.

    8i Create For   Sale Flyer

    Click the Create Flyer button to create and view the flyer.

  3. View Flyer Step

    8i Create For Sale Flyer

    The final step of the wizard allows you to view, edit, or send out the flyer to contacts.

    1. Print or Save as link: Opens a preview of the created flyer on a separate Internet browser tab where you can print or save it to your local computer. Close the browser tab to return to step 3 of the flyer.
    2. Edit Page link: Opens the flyer in edit mode. Use the TP Editor to format the flyer, or the Insert Merge Code link to add a merge code. Click the Save Page button to save your changes and return to step 3 of the flyer.
    3. Email Flyer link: Opens the Compose Mass Email tool to send an email with a link to the flyer to a contact. Use the Contacts Look-up tool to drag and drop a contact into the To field. The contact must have a valid email address.
    4. Click the View Emails button to check the email before it’s sent out. Click the Send Email button to send the email(s) to the specified contact(s).
    5. Note: Emailing a contact a flyer automatically publishes the flyer as a URL and makes it available as a marketing link.

    6. Publish as URL link: Publish the flyer as a URL and make it available as a marketing link that you can insert into emails and other marketing materials.
    7. Done link: Closes the Create Flyer wizard and takes you back to the Flyer Library page.

Viewing Generated Flyers

You can view a list of flyers you created by going to the Marketing main menu icon and clicking Flyers. The Flyers page allows you to print, save a flyer as a PDF, email, or delete a flyer.

Log in to create a For Sale flyer.

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