Top Producer® 8i CRM: Viewing Default Email Templates

If you view the list of available email categories, you’ll notice the Letter library contains the same categories. This is because Top Producer provides a corresponding default email template for every letter template, to ensure your customers get the same marketing message, regardless of how it’s delivered. Email and letter templates are stored separately within the template library.

If you make changes to a letter template in Top Producer CRM and you want the email version to look the same as the letter, you’ll need to manually change the email template just like you manually changed the letter template.

To view default email templates, click the Marketing main menu icon to open the Marketing landing page. From the Emails category, click the Email Library link. A list of default templates opens.


Tip: To view templates by category use the Show Category drop-down list found in the top right corner of the screen.

Opening an Email Template

To open an email template simply click on a template name. The template opens in edit mode on a separate internet browser tab.


From here you can edit the template using the standard editing tools on the tool bar. Once you have made the changes you wish to make you can Preview, Save, or Save & Close the template. When you choose to save the template you will be prompted to give your template a name, and to select a Personal Category to store the template in. If you do not have any Personal Categories simply click the Add link to the right of the field and you can create one.


Log in to view email templates.

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