Top Producer® 8i CRM: Editing a Personal Email Template

Top Producer CRM uses the email editor any time you make changes to email templates. Follow the steps below to change the look or content of your personal email template.

  1. Click the Marketing icon on the main menu to open the Marketing landing page.
  2. Click the Email Library link to open the Email Library page.
  3. From the Email Library page select your personal category from the Show Category drop-down list. The personal template has a Personal Template 1 icon under the Personal Template 1 column to indicate it’s a personal copy.
  4. Click on the personal template name to open it. The template opens in edit mode – here you can make changes to the template.


Tip:The key difference between email templates and letter templates is the Subject field that displays as the email subject when it’s sent to a contact. Also, the contact address information isn’t required for emails and is therefore removed from the body text.

Email Editor Tools

From edit mode you can change the content and layout of the personal template using standard word processing techniques. Below are just some of the available tools.

  1. Delete text: Select the text (becomes highlighted) and press the Delete button on your keyboard.
  2. Add text: Put your cursor in the spot you want to add text and starting typing.
  3. Format text and insert images and tables: The toolbar provides a standard assortment of editing and formatting options. For details, see the Using the Email Editor article.

    Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, you are using the old Top Producer Editor to edit your email templates. Check out our new editor by upgrading to Internet Explorer 10 or accessing Top Producer CRM in a different browser. See System Requirements for more information on supported browsers.

  4. Merge Codes: Merge codes already used in the template appear in a yellow box. The name of the merge code identifies what kind of information will be pulled from a record when it’s time to run the template.

    To add more merge codes, first place your cursor where you want to add the code on the template. Then click the Insert Merge Code link at the bottom of the editor page to open the Insert Merge Code segment below.


    Just like templates, merge codes are grouped into categories to make it easier for you to find the ones you need. Before you can choose a category, you must decide if you want to insert a merge code that pulls in text information (title, spouse’s name, etc.) or picture information (agent photo, property photo, etc.). Selecting a type populates the Category drop-down list.

    1. Insert or Delete Text Merge Codes
      To pull in text information, select the Text Merge Codes option button and the appropriate category. Choose a merge code from the Merge Code drop-down list and click the Insert Merge Code button to add the code to your template and close the Insert Merge Code segment, or click the Insert & Add Another Merge Code button to add the code into the template and keep the Insert Merge Code segment open. You should now see the added merge code on your template. If you want to delete a merge code, simply click on the merge code to highlight it and click the Delete button on your keyboard.
    2. Insert or Delete Picture Merge Codes
      To pull in a photo, place your mouse cursor where you want the photo on the template and choose the Picture Merge Codes option button and the appropriate category. Select what type of photo you want inserted from the Merge Code drop-down list and click the Insert Merge Code button. The photo merge code is inserted into the template.


    Note: Delete a picture merge code by highlighting it and click the Delete button on your keyboard.

  5. Marketing Link: If you already have a marketing link created for a published flyer, CMA, HMR, or community report, you can insert one into your email template. Click Insert Marketing Link to select a category and link. Click the Insert Marketing Link button to add it to your template.
  6. When you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made to the template, click the Save & Close button to return to the Email Library page.

Log in to edit a personal email template.

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