Top Producer® 8i CRM: Transferring a Property

Once you’ve closed a deal, you can use Top Producer CRM’s transfer property feature to assign the property to its new owner. Transferring the property within Top Producer CRM preserves the details of the purchase as well as any notes you made on it.

When you’ve successfully closed a sale in which both the buyer and seller have contact records in your Top Producer CRM database, you can transfer ownership of the property from one contact record to another.

  1. Open a closing record and go to the Closing Info tab. Change the status to “Closed/Paid” and click “Yes” from the Transfer Property? option button.

    8i Transfer Property

  2. Click the Save Closing Information button to save your changes and open the Transfer Property form.

    8i Transfer Property

    The type of information you need to fill in depends on whether or not you represent the buyer or seller.

    1. Buyer Options segment: Determine if the new property appears as an investment property or the primary property in the buyer’s contact record, as well as determine what should be done with any existing properties.
    2. Seller Options segment: If you represent the seller you’ll see this segment. Select a new primary property from the seller’s list of investment properties, add a new property to the seller’s contact record, or leave the seller without a primary property record for the time being.

      Note: If you represent both the buyer and seller you’ll see both segments.

  3. Once you’ve made your choices, click the Transfer Property button.
  4. The status of the closing changes to “Closed/Paid Transferred” and the property transfers from the seller’s contact record to the buyer’s.

Log in to transfer a property.

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