Adding Listings to Top Producer CRM

Listings can come from a variety of sources – online leads, existing contacts from a previous sale, or referrals. Regardless of the listing source, the first thing you should do (after putting the property on the MLS) is to create a listing record in Top Producer CRM.

Video Tutorial: Create a New Listing

Video Tutorial: Create a Listing from a Contact's Address

There are two ways to create listings in Top Producer CRM:

  • Use Top Connector to import data directly from the MLS
  • Manually add listing information

Importing Listing Information from the MLS

In order to import listings directly from the MLS, you require a Top Connector license. Top Connector enables you to download comparables, property information, and photos from your MLS database directly into your listing records.

  1. Go to the Listings & Closings main menu icon and click Add Listing.
  2. The Add Listing form opens.


  3. If you already know the MLS number, type it into the MLS Number field, click the Include photos when importing check box to import property photos, and click the Import MLS Data button. The MLS listing’s information is added to the Listing Address segment. Ensure you enter a Property Type. Skip to step 8.
  4. If you don’t know the MLS number, click the MLS Number Look-up link to open the MLS Advanced Search page.


    1. Before you enter the search criteria, use the MLS drop-down list to select the appropriate MLS and property type.
    2. Fill in as much search criteria information as you can for the property to narrow down the search. If you’re not sure what to type in the fields, just mouse over any field and Top Producer CRM opens a ToolTip with examples to help you.

      Note: Since each MLS Board is different, the search criteria will vary depending on which MLS(s) you have. Furthermore, since Top Connector accesses your MLS data through a special connection which is different than your website access, the search criteria available within Top Producer CRM may not match what is available when searching on the website.

    3. Click the View more search options link to show a list of additional fields you can use to refine your search.
    4. When you’re satisfied with your search criteria, click the Search MLS button.

  5. A list of properties matching your criteria displays on the MLS Search Results page. Click a property’s address to open a pop-up window with the property’s details. Click the X button to close the property details.


  6. To add the property to the listing, click the check box next to the listing and then click the Select Listing button. The MLS number, house style, address, and listing price are taken from the MLS and loaded on the Add Listing form.
  7. Click the Include photo when importing check box before you click the Import MLS Data button to include any property photos.
  8. Complete the Listing Information segment, which stores the list price, commission, and listing date terms. If you have a team account or partner account, you can choose a listing agent other than yourself. When you create a listing, the following fields are completed by default:
    1. Status: The status is set to Active.
    2. Listing Date: By default today’s date is selected, but you can click into the field to change the date.
    3. Listing Term fields: The listing duration, expiry and reminder dates are filled in by default, and are determined by your listing preferences.
    4. List Price: The property’s listed price from the MLS is imported into the field.
    5. Listing Plan: choose a listing plan from the drop-down list. For more information on listing plans, click here.

      Note: Listing preferences can be viewed or changed by clicking the Settings link under the Account menu in the top right corner of the program. From the Settings page, go to the Listings tab, and click the Listings Setup subtab. You can click into the fields to edit the expiration and expiration reminder numbers. Click here for more information.

  9. Fill in the primary seller information.
    1. If the listing is for a new contact, add the seller’s name and primary contact method.
    2. If the listing is for an existing contact, you can use the Contacts Look-up feature to the right of the form to drag and drop the contact onto the Primary Seller segment.
    3. If the contact already has a property address, Top Producer CRM opens a pop-up message asking what you’d like to do:


    4. Decide how you’d like to link the new property with the contact and click the Done button.

  10. You have the option of applying a listing plan to link a series of predetermined activities to the listing.
  11. When you’ve added all the listing information, click the Add Listing button to save the listing. Clicking the Save & Add More Details button will save the listing and open it in the Listing Details form for you to add additional information.

Manually Entering Listing Information

If you don’t have a Top Connector license, you can manually create a new listing.

  1. Go to the Listings & Closings main menu icon and click Add Listing.
  2. The Add Listing form opens.
  3. Enter information in the required fields and add as much additional information as you can for the Listing Address and Listing Information segments.
  4. From here you can follow the same steps as an imported MLS property to add a primary seller and save the listing.

    Tip: You can also create a new listing by clicking the Listings main menu icon to open the Listings landing page. Click the Add Listing link to open the Add Listing form.

Creating a Listing for an Existing Property

You may have long-standing customers in your database who decide to put their property on the market. In these situations, you can create a listing directly from the contact record.

  1. From an open contact record, go to the Properties & Addresses tab.


  2. Click the green flag icon addlistingicon to open the Add Listing form. Because you created the listing from the contact, the property and contact information are automatically plugged into the form, saving you the task of typing the information in yourself.
  3. Don’t forget to apply a listing plan to help you keep track of what you need to do for the listing. Complete the listing and click the Add Listing button.

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