Adding Listings to Top Producer® 8i CRM

Listings can come from a variety of sources – online leads, existing contacts from a previous sale, or referrals. Regardless of the listing source, the first thing you should do (after putting the property on the MLS) is to create a listing record in Top Producer CRM.

Creating a Listing for a New Property

To create a listing for a new property, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Listings & Closings main menu icon and click Add Listing.
  2. The Add Listing form opens.
  3. Enter information in the required fields and add as much additional information as you can for the Listing Address segment.
  4. Complete the Listing Information segment, which stores the list price, commission, and listing date terms. If you have a team account or partner account, you can choose a listing agent other than yourself.
  5. Fill in the primary seller information.
    1. If the listing is for a new contact, add the seller’s name and primary contact method.
    2. If the listing is for an existing contact, you can use the Contacts Look-up feature to the right of the form to drag and drop the contact onto the Primary Seller segment.
    3. If the contact already has a property address, Top Producer CRM opens a pop-up message asking what you’d like to do:


    4. Decide how you’d like to link the new property with the contact and click the Done button.

  6. You have the option of applying a listing plan to link a series of predetermined activities to the listing.
  7. When you’ve added all the listing information, click the Add Listing button to save the listing. Clicking the Save & Add More Details button will save the listing and open it in the Listing Details form for you to add additional information.

Tip: You can also create a new listing by clicking the Listings main menu icon to open the Listings landing page. Click the Add Listing link to open the Add Listing form.

Creating a Listing for an Existing Property

You may have long-standing customers in your database who decide to put their property on the market. In these situations, you can create a listing directly from the contact record.

  1. From an open contact record, go to the Properties & Addresses tab.


  2. Click the green flag icon addlistingicon to open the Add Listing form. Because you created the listing from the contact, the property and contact information are automatically plugged into the form, saving you the task of typing the information in yourself.
  3. Don’t forget to apply a listing plan to help you keep track of what you need to do for the listing. Complete the listing and click the Add Listing button.


Log in to add listings.

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