I am not receiving emails from Top Producer regarding my account. What can cause this?

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In addition to your billing invoices, Top Producer may occasionally send you important email notifications regarding your account, subscription, or services. If you are not receiving these emails, there are several possible causes:

Updating your Subscription Email Address

It is possible we do not have the correct email address associated with your account. This commonly happens if you have changed your email address since first subscribing to your Top Producer Product and have not yet updated it for your account. You can update your email address from within the Subscriber Manager located within each product:

Your Email Mailbox is Full

If your email account mailbox (inbox) is full when an Invoice/Notification is sent to you from Top Producer, you will not receive the email. If your mailbox is full, it is likely that you will not receive any email from any sender.

Every email provider imposes a limit on the amount of data you can store in your email inbox. The total amount varies depending on the provider and the type of email service you subscribe to with that provider. Most of the time you are provided with enough space to store several thousand emails, although this number can be reduced if you currently have any large file attachments in your inbox. Here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  1. Top Producer CRM (@topproducer.com email address): There is no mailbox storage limit for @topproducer.com accounts. If you have specified an @topproducer.com email address in your Subscriber Manager, and normally receive that email in Top Producer CRM, send a test email to yourself to confirm you receive it. If you do not receive the email, or any other emails, please contact Top Producer Customer Care at 1-800-830-8300.
  2. 3rd Party Email Provider: If you are using Top Producer CRM or another email client Program (such as Microsoft Outlook) to receive email sent to a 3rd Party Email Provider, it is possible your inbox is full. Access your 3rd Party Email account using the Email Provider’s Webmail service and examine the contents of the inbox and/or account statistics to see if the inbox is full. Delete any unwanted email. Since most storage limits are only imposed on the inbox, it can also be helpful to create a new email folder and archive important emails into that new folder.

Email has been blocked by a SPAM Filter

While we take every precaution to ensure our emails are formatted in a way that reduces the likelyhood they will be incorrectly identified as SPAM (Junk Email), there is a chance that you have a SPAM Filter enabled that is blocking or filtering Top Producer email as SPAM. There are countless services and software programs on the market that are designed to block or filter Spam email, so it is not possible to provide exact steps to configure them to accept emails from Top Producer. However, below is some general information that will help you determine if a SPAM Filter is causing the issue:

Spam Filters:

Many Anti-Spam services and programs will place any email identified as Spam into a separate folder in your email account – usually named “Spam” or “Junk Mail”. If your email account has one of these, check your email Spam Folder (or “Junk Mail” folder) to see if it contains any emails mis-identified as Spam. If there are legitimate emails being filtered, your email interface/program usually provides a method to indicate that emails sent from those email addresses are not spam and prevent them from being filtered in the future.

Spam Blockers:

Some Anti-Spam programs and services do not place emails identified as spam into a separate folder. Instead, they simply refuse to accept (block) the email and you will never see the email or know that it was rejected.

  • If you are using an anti-spam software program on your computer, check the configuration settings and logs to see if there is a list of blocked email addresses or domains (usually called a “blacklist”). If so, you will be given the opportunity to remove the email addresses belonging to Top Producer and instead add them to the list of allowed emails (usually called a “whitelist”).
  • If you do not have anti-spam software, but know that your email provider has implemented an anti-spam service, it is likely there are no configuration steps you can perform. In most cases, these services can block entire domains as well as specific email addresses. If you believe this is the case, contact Top Producer Customer Care at 1-800-830-8300 to investigate the issue. It may be necessary for you to contact your email provider and verify that emails sent from @topproducer.com, @topproducersystems.com, @realtor.com, and @move.com are not being rejected.

Note: Top Producer CRM has a built-in Spam Filter that can be enabled for email received using an @topproducer.com email address. While this SPAM filter does not usually identify email sent from Top Producer as Spam, it can be disabled by going to Settings under the Account Menu > Email > Spam Settings, and setting Enable Spam Filter to No.

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