The Mass Email Feature

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The Mass Email feature allows you to combine email templates from the Template Library with marketing and communication features of Top Producer CRM. This lets you send an email to multiple contacts at the same time while personalizing the message for each recipient.

The feature is used whenever you perform any of the following:

  • Select Compose Mass Email from the Email menu.
  • Create an email activity.
  • Click the Email All link from a Listing Parties or Closing Parties tab.
  • Send a flyer or presentation via email.
  • Click the Email link from the Search for Contacts feature.

Sending an email using the Mass Email feature differs from sending one from the Inbox’s Compose Email feature. Below is a list of key differences:

  • The Compose Email feature doesn’t allow you to use email templates.
  • The Compose Email feature doesn’t allow you to insert merge codes (pieces of code you can insert into emails that pull in information from specific contact records).
  • Sent messages from the Compose Email feature are stored in the Sent Items folder of the email manager.
  • Sent messages from the Mass Email feature are stored in the Contact Record of the recipient as a completed activity.
  • Compose Email includes the To, CC, and BCC options, which send a single email to everyone at the same time. Mass Email always sends a separate email to each recipient.

For more information on how to use the Mass Email feature, click here.

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