Top Producer® 8i CRM: HTML Email Stationery Setup

Top Producer CRM has the ability to set HTML email stationery that can be applied to all email messages which are sent out of the program. Before you can begin using email stationery, you must choose your template, edit it to include any custom content, and select which type of email marketing messages should use the stationery.

Configuring Top Producer’s HTML Email Stationery

  1. Open the Top Producer Settings.
  2. Select the Email section.
  3. Click the Stationery sub-tab.
  4. Click Edit Stationery Settings to continue.


    Note: Stationery is disabled by default. The first time you access these preferences you will see a No Stationery has been set up message.

  5. The HTML email stationery screen will open. There are 2 sections, Stationery and Stationery Usage. In the Stationery tab, the Layout (a required field), Color, and 6 different Link settings can be configured.

    Email Stationery Layout Setup

    1. Layout: This setting provides you with 3 different layout options. One must be selected before the Stationery options can be saved. Clicking on the radio button below the thumbnail will select that layout, and clicking the icon to the right of the radio button will display a preview of that layout (including the selected color) in a new tab.
    2. Color: Available color selections are displayed here. Changing the color updates the thumbnails in the Layout section in real time, and will be reflected in the preview of a layout.
    3. Link #: There are six available links in the HTML email stationery templates, and using the Link boxes, you can specify URLs to include in the email message along with the Link Text to be displayed for that URL. Several default Link Text examples are provided in the drop-down menu, and you can specify your own Link Text by clicking Add just to the right of the drop-down.

      Note: If the Link Text field is populated, you cannot proceed with the HTML email stationery setup until a properly formatted URL is entered below.

  6. Stationery Usage lets you choose what types of email messages will use the HTML email stationery.

    Stationery Usage

    Simply check the appropriate box to enable the email stationery for that type of email message. all checkboxes are disabled by default.

    Note: HTML email stationery will never be applied to an email message when replying to or forwarding an email. Only new messages of the type selected will apply the Stationery.

    If stationery is applied to Compose Email, the Stationery will be immediately visible when opening a new Compose Email screen in the Email Manager. For all other emails, such as Mass Email and Email Activities, the Stationery will only be visible when you click the View Emails buttons to view the final merged instances of the email messages. This means that stationery will not be visible in the Compose Mass Email screen.

  7. Click Save & Close to close the interface if you do not wish to make any changes. Click Save & Edit Stationery to make changes to the template. Canceldiscards any changes and returns you to the previous screen.


Editing the HTML Email Stationery

After choosing to Save & Edit Stationery, you will see a preview of the selected layout and color with the links merged in and some sample text in the body. Click Edit Stationery in Editor to open the HTML email stationery editor.

Top Producer 8i - Email stationary edit screen

Important: The Email body shows the merge code System.template. This merge code must not be removed as this is the merge code to insert in the email body content.

Font and layout controls are located along the top. The upper right hand side of the interface has controls for (from left to right) adding a picture from file, inserting a horizontal line, inserting a hyperlink, and viewing the help menu. Using the controls in the lower right you can change the merge codes or add marketing links from your Marketing Link Library. Keep in mind the following points when editing the stationery template:

  • You can change the dimensions of the photo boxes by right-clicking on the box and clicking Images. Unlike the word processor, the HTML Email Editor does not auto-size a photo so the photo test box dimensions will likely need to be adjusted to match the dimensions of your image.
  • Background images cannot be modified as there are elements (hyperlinks, formatting, etc) contained within these backgrounds and everything would be removed. If you want to add your own image to the top and/or bottom of the stationery, select a background element, remove it, and replace it with your own image using the insert image icon in the toolbar.

    Click here for the stationery banner widths
    • Style #1 Banner: 158px (left), 410px (right)
    • Style #2 Banner: 573px
    • Style #3 Banner: 573px


A Note about HTML Email Stationery and Top Producer 7i

HTML email stationery is not available within Top Producer 7i. When stationery is set up and usage is specified for Email Activities, the stationery will only be visible in messages sent by 7i’s auto-send emails. No other feature in 7i (including non-auto-send email features) will have the stationery merged in.

Log in to setup email stationary.

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