Top Producer® 8i CRM: Setting Up the Email Spam Filter

The Spam Filter monitors incoming email for unsolicited messages when using an email address.

Setting Up the Inbound Spam Filter

Follow these steps within Top Producer CRM to configure the Spam Filter:

  1. Open the Top Producer Settings.
  2. Click on the Email tab
  3. Click on the Spam Settings tab. Click anywhere on the settings to edit the fields.
  4. The Spam Filter is disabled by default. Set the Enable Spam Filter button to Yes to enable.
  5. Once the Spam Filter is enabled, the Set Filter Sensitivity slider below will be displayed. Set the slider to the desired level
  6. Click Save Spam Settings to save the settings.

    Spam Filter Settings

Note: The Set Filter Senstivity slider settings are based on the Top Producer’s email provider’s anti-spam system, which scans incoming emails and rates them between 0.5 and 5, where 0.5 is extremely unlikely to be spam and 5 is highly likely to be spam. The higher you set the sensitivity, the more likely it is that higher scoring emails will be dropped in the Spam folder. With this in mind, keep an eye on emails that get dropped into the Spam folder, and adjust filter sensitivity accordingly.

Using the Spam Filter

Once the Spam Filter has been enabled and the sensitivity is set, you will have a new Spam folder in your email interface. Messages which the filter considers Spam will be placed in the Spam folder and automatically deleted after 15 days. When viewing an email in the inbox, highlighting an email and clicking the Spam item in the menu will move the email to the Spam folder. You can also choose to Move email messages to the Spam folder with the same effect.

Image - Spam Filter

As previously mentioned, once a message is in the Spam folder, it will be deleted 15 days drom the received date. If a message is not spam, you can highlight the message in the Spam folder and click the Not Spam button to receive email messages from that sender in your Inbox once again.

Note: The Spam folder and filter functions are not visible in Top Producer 7i.

The Spam Filter does not have the ability to allow whitelists or blacklists on an individual mailbox level, which means that when you mark something as spam, it will not stop all future emails of that domain/address from appearing again in your inbox.

Log in to setup the Spam Filter.

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