Top Producer® 8i CRM: The Summary Tab

Contact records are the central hub of information within Top Producer CRM. They provide you with a one stop place to track and follow up with your clients. Since there is a large amount information available to view, add, and edit for each contact, Top Producer CRM provides the Summary tab to help you quickly gain an overview of the most important aspects of each record.

The Summary tab contains the Contact Record Notes, quick access to Next Call/Appointments, a summary view of Incomplete and Complete Activities, and a summary view of Action Plans applied.

For more detailed information about the other areas of a contact record, see The Contact Record Header and Editing a Contact.


  1. Notes: Allows you to add and view notes associated with this contact. For more information, see Adding Notes.
  2. Email History: Allows you to view a record of emails received from the contact through Top Producer email.
  3. Next Call/Appointment: Shows the next scheduled call activity and next scheduled appointment for this contact. If there are no calls or appointments, you can quickly schedule them from here. For existing calls/appointments, you can edit their properties, mark them done, or delete them. The Prospect List will display the date the contact was added as a prospect.

    If the contact has not been added as a prospect you can add them from here. For existing prospects, you can remove them or exlude them from the Prospect List. For more information, see About the Prospect List.

    The Suggested Next Action link will display a list of recommended actions based upon their current Contact Status. The Wrap Up link provides a quick way to enter a record of a completed Conversation/Call or To-Do that was not already scheduled, while also scheduling the next follow-up. The Add an important date for this contact link provides a quick way to enter important recurring dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.


  4. Incomplete/Complete Activities: These two tabs will show a short list of incomplete/completed activities, which it obtains from the Activities tab of this contact. Next to each activity are options to print or send, mark done, and delete. Clicking the activity will open the activity details. Clicking View Activities will open this contact’s Activities tab.


  5. Action Plans: Displays the Action Plans that have been applied to the contact.


  6. Attachments: Allows the direct linking to files stored within online file storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. For more information, read Attaching Documents with Google Drive and Dropbox.


  7. If you also subscribe to Market Snapshot and this contact has an ongoing Market Snapshot, the Market Snapshot Summary section will appear directly below the Attachments section. For more information, read Viewing a Contact’s Market Snapshot History from Top Producer


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