Top Producer® 8i CRM: About Referrals

The Referral feature of Top Producer CRM allows you to track referrals that you have received or distributed. You can track referral sources, view the referred contact details and the details of each referral agreement. You can also view or print detailed referral statistics to see which referral sources send you the most referral business. This helps to reinforce those connections.

Referral Summary Screen


  1. Header Bar: You can sort the list by any of the columns in the table by clicking on the column headers
  2. Drop Down Menu: From the Show: drop down menu you can filter the list by referral status, source or direction. You can also filter by Transaction Status.
  3. Action Icons: The following Icons are available:
    1. actionplan Apply Action Plan Icon – Allows you to apply an action plan.
    2. print Print Icon – Opens the Detailed Referral Report and gives you the option to Download or Print the report.
    3. trashDelete Icon – Deletes the Referral.
  4. Action Links: The following Action Links are available:
    1. Add Referral – Opens the Add Referral form. Learn More >>>
    2. Mass Open – Allows you to mass open any referrals you have selected using the check boxes to the left of the referrals’ name.
    3. Create Report – Allows you to to create Summary and Individual Reports.

Every referral record involves at least two contacts: the contact being referred (the Referred Contact) and the contact who is either the sender or the receiver of the referral (the Referring Party). You can attach more than one referred contact to a single referral record, although this is an uncommon arrangement.

Note: Any listings (or closings) that you create off of the referral will automatically add all the Referred contacts to the listing/closing record as a seller. If the listing address matches the primary property of one of the contacts, that contact will be automatically designated as the Primary Seller.

  • If you are receiving the referral from a referring party, you may need to create a new contact record for the referred contact(s), and create a new contact record for the referring party if they are a new source for you. If they already exist in your contact database, you can select their contact record from the Contact Look-up.
  • If you are recording a referral that you sent someone, you will likely have the referred contact’s information in your contact database, but you may have to create a contact record for the referring party.

When you convert a lead into a referral, the converted lead will be displayed on the Referrals Summary screen and the Source field will show Referral.

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