Top Producer® 8i CRM: Entering Important Dates for Your Contacts

Of course you have more than just birthdays to remember, which is why we’ve given you an easy way to enter important dates for anything you want. The important date appears in My Business, so you’ll never miss a birthday, property anniversary or lease renewal again!

Entering your important dates

It only takes a few seconds to enter an important date and then you can forget about it!

You can enter an important date from the contact record’s Summary tab (shown below), or the Contact Details tab.


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You can set a one-time important date or set it to occur every year.

  1. From the contact record’s Summary tab, click Add an important date for this contact (shown above).
  2. Enter a description, how often it occurs (one-time or annually like a birthday or anniversary) and the date.


    That’s it!


Viewing your important dates

Your upcoming important dates appear in My Business 7 days before they are due.

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To view important dates in My Business, just go to the Dashboard (click the Home icon on the main menu). Click the Important Dates tab to view upcoming important dates for all of your contacts.



Wrapping up an important date

After you’ve reached out to the contact about the important date, why not quickly enter a few details and schedule the next follow-up? It only takes a minute, and when you do, a completed activity is saved for your records.

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From the Important Dates tab in My Business, click the Wrap Up Important Date wrap-up-icon icon.


If their pipeline status has changed, select where they are in your pipeline (top right). Next, select the option that best describes the task you completed (Conversation/Call or To Do) and enter a description and the date you completed it. Last but not least, enter a note for your records and schedule a follow-up activity to ensure regular contact.




I already use the Birthday field in the contact record to keep track of my contacts' birthdays. How is this different and what will happen to my existing birthday reminders?

Existing birthday reminders you’ve already set will remain unchanged and continue to appear on the To-Dos tab in My Business.

The benefit to using the Important Dates feature is you can enter any important date you want—property purchase or wedding anniversary—simply by entering a description of your choice. 


Is there a maximum number of important dates I can enter for a contact?

No, you can enter as many important dates as you want.


Where can I view my important dates?

Important dates appear on the Important Dates tab in My Business 7 days before they come due. See the steps in Viewing your important dates above.

You can also view a contact’s important dates from the Summary tab in their record.


Can I view my important dates in Top Producer Mobile?

No, currently your important dates only appear in Top Producer CRM on your desktop, but we’re working on it!


I'm part of a team. Who will see the important dates?

For team accounts, whoever the contact is assigned to will see the important date in My Business. (You can see who a contact is assigned to from the Lead Info tab in the contact’s record.)


If the contact isn’t assigned to anyone, everyone will see the contact’s important dates (provided they have access rights to do so).

Assistants will see their default agent’s important dates only. (The responsible agent can see who the default agent is when they edit an assistant in the My Account area.)



I have a single-agent account. If my assistant enters an important date, who will see it?

For single-agent accounts, the agent will always see the important date regardless of who entered it.


If a contact is assigned to a different team member, will this team member see all of the important dates for the contact?

Yes, when a contact is assigned to another team member, that team member will see all the important dates for the contact.


Can I print a list of my important dates?

No, currently there is no way to print your list of important dates, but they can easily be viewed in My Business! See Viewing your important dates above.


Can I set different recurrence patterns (for example, every week)?

No, you can either enter a one-time important date or set it to occur every year.


How long do my important dates appear in My Business?

The important date appears in My Business 7 days before it’s due and no longer appears after the important date has passed.


How do I stop my important dates from appearing in My Business?

You can wrap it up! See Wrapping up an important date above.


Why would I want to "wrap up" an important date?

Wrapping up an important date lets you keep track of actions you have taken and schedule a follow-up activity. When you wrap up an important date, a completed activity and the details you enter are saved for your records. See Wrapping up an important date above.


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