Top Producer® 8i CRM: Editing a Contact

Once you’ve entered your contacts into Top Producer, you can go back at any time to edit them or add more details. When you open an existing contact record the Summary tab is initially shown by default. You can change the default tab inside General Settings.

Contact Record Header

The Contact Record Header contains a summary of information such as Contact Types and Applied Action Plans, along with several features that allow you to quickly access more information or perform actions for the contact. For detailed information about this feature, see The Contact Record Header.


Directly below the Header, the Contact Record has 8 tabs that organize the various types of contact information: Summary, Lead Info, Contact Details, Properties & Addresses, Family & Friends, Activities, Listings/Closings, and Photos.


Each tab has different features and options available to help you maintain all aspects of a contact.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab contains the Contact Record Notes, quick access to Next Call/Appointments, a summary view of Incomplete and Complete Activities, a summary of view of the Action Plans applied, and the Attachments section.


  • Notes: Allows you to add and view notes associated with this contact. For more information, see Adding Notes to a Contact Record.
  • Email History: Allows you to view a record of emails sent/received to the contact through Top Producer.
  • Next Call/Appointment: Shows the next scheduled Call Activity and next scheduled Appointment for this contact. If there are no calls or appointments, you can quickly schedule them from here. For existing calls/appointments, you can edit their properties, mark them done, or delete them. The Prospect List shows when this contact record was added to the prospect list. For more information, see About the Prospect List. The Suggested Next Action button will display a list of recommended actions based upon their current Contact Status. The Wrap Up button provides a way to quickly record a completed Conversation/Call or To-Do that was not scheduled, and at the same time schedule the next follow-up.
  • Add an important date for this contact: Provides a quick way to add an important recurring date, such as a birthday or anniversary. For more information, read Entering Important Dates for your Contacts.
  • Incomplete/Complete Activities: These two tabs will show a short list of incomplete/completed activities, which it obtains from the Activities tab of this Contact. Next to each activity are options to print or send, mark done, and delete. Clicking the activity will open the activity details. Clicking View Activities will open this contact’s Activities tab.
  • Action Plans: Displays the Action Plans that are currently applied to the contact.
  • Attachments: Allows you to link directly to files stored within online file storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. For more information, read Attaching Documents with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Market Snapshot Summary: If you subscribe to both Top Producer CRM and Market Snapshot, and this contact has an ongoing Market Snapshot, you will see the Market Snapshot Summary section appear below Attachments. For more information, read Viewing a Contact’s Market Snapshot History from Top Producer.

Lead Info Tab

Displays lead-related information, including their source, how close they are to buying/selling and their buyer preferences.


Contact Details Tab

View or change the contact’s name, work, and contact information. You can also change the default letter and envelope salutations, or subscribe or unsubscribe the contact from future email marketing messages. The Important Dates area can be used to record special dates for this contact such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or the anniversary of their closing date. After you finish adding/changing information, click Save Contact Details to save.


Properties & Addresses Tab

The Properties & Addresses tab displays all Properties associated with this contact. You can have three types of property types: Primary, Investment, and Other. After a transaction completes and a property is transferred, a property can be automatically assigned another type (which is non-editable): Pre-Owned. When you add a new contact to Top Producer CRM, a Primary Property is automatically created. Every record must have a Primary Property, even if it doesn’t contain any information.


Note: If you didn’t enter property details when creating the contact, the Primary Property’s address displays as No Address Information, which you can click to edit this property and add an address.

Click a property name to open it for editing, or click Add Property to add a new address. For more information, see Adding Additional Properties. There are 3 subtabs you can use to view or edit the property details.

  • Property Address subtab: View or edit the address information, select a house style from the drop-down list, or add another style to the list if you don’t see one that’s appropriate.
  • Property Details subtab: Enter details such as the property’s age, lot size, square footage, number of rooms, room dimensions, construction materials, and tax information.
  • Tenants subtab: If the owner is renting out the property (or part of the property), you can include the tenants’ names and contact information. Click the Save Tenants button to save the information.

On the right of each property are options to Add Listing add-listing-icon, Add Closing add-closing-icon, and Delete delete-icon.

Family & Friends Tab

The Family & Friends Tab allows you to include information about the contact’s family members or associates, such as a child, assistant, or business partner. If you’ve already specified a spouse/partner on the Contact Details tab, or when you originally added the contact, they are automatically included on this tab.


Click the Add Family or Friend link to enter the associate’s details. When finished adding information, click the Add Family or Friend button at the bottom to save.

Activities Tab

The Activities Tab displays all activities associated with this Contact. This includes activities that have been individually created for this contact, activities created for a group of contacts (that also includes this one), and activities that are part of an Action Plan applied to this contact. By default the list shows all Incomplete activities. You can use the Show drop-down list to select Completed activities, or click More Options to filter the types of activities shown.


  • Clicking an activity will open the Activity Details for editing.
  • On the right of each activity are icons to print or send, mark done, and delete.
  • To apply an Action Plan, click the Select Action Plans link. For more information, see Applying and Removing an Action Plan for a Contact.
  • Click the Add Activity link to create a new activity. Since you are creating the activity from within the Contact Record, the contact will be automatically associated with the activity and appear in the Contacts segment of the Add Activity form. For more information, see Creating an Activity.
  • To view multiple activities, place a check mark beside the desired activities and click the Mass Open link. Use the Mass Open toolbar to scroll through the selected activities’ details. Click the X button on the toolbar to return to the Activities tab.
  • To delete multiple activities, place a check mark beside the desired activities and click the Mass Delete link, or click the Delete Activity delete-icon icon next to an activity to delete one at a time.

Listings/Closings Tab

The Listings/Closings tab displays any Listings or Closings you have created for this contact’s properties.


Clicking the Listing or Closing Address will open the Listing or Closing record for editing. At the bottom are options to Create Listing, and Create Closing.

Photos Tab

You can add photos for a contact and their associates, images depicting different views of each of their properties, and a map image for each property.


How to add a Photo
  1. Click the Add Photo link.


  2. Click the Browse button. The Choose File window opens. Select an image from your local hard drive and click the Open button.
  3. Use the Type option to choose the type of image you are uploading: Contact, Property, or Map. This determines what options become available in the Depicted drop-down list below. For example, if you select Contact, you can choose what individual is depicted.
  4. Click the Add Photo button to upload and save the photo to the contact record.


Notifications Tab

If you subscribe to both Top Producer and Market Snapshot, and this Contact has an ongoing Market Snapshot, the Notifications tab will appear.


You can use the information in this tab to keep track of Market Snapshot events for this contact. For more information, read Viewing a Contact’s Market Snapshot History from Top Producer.

Log in to edit a contact.

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