Top Producer® 8i CRM: About Contacts, Leads, Prospects and Referrals

Contacts and Leads

Top Producer CRM’s Contact Management feature enables you to store the important details you need to build strong, long-lasting relationships that lead to new and repeat business. The contact record provides quick access to contact and property information, opportunities they’re currently involved in, scheduled activities, and more.

Regardless of what stage your sales opportunities are in, the process of managing your leads and contacts are the same. The only difference between a lead and a contact is their status, which defines where they are in the lead lifecycle.

For more information on tracking the progress of your sales opportunities using the Contact Status feature, see Tracking the Lead Lifecycle Using Statuses.

The first step is entering contact information into the system. Once you do that you can begin to take full advantage of powerful sales automation features. From simple follow-up, to targeted marketing action plans, to creating classy, personalized listing presentations, it all starts with having contacts in your database.


The Referrals feature allows you to track referral connections between existing contacts in your database. You can track referral sources, view the referred contact details and the specifics of each referral agreement. The detailed statistics and history information help you to see which referrals have brought you the most business.

For more information, see About Referrals.


The Prospect feature uses specific criteria (both automatic and defined by you) to generate a prospect list from your existing contact database. This list is designed to be a reminder about the people you will likely want to make contact with soon, and is determined by the information stored in their contact record, such as the last time you made contact. Think of prospects not as a category of people, but instead as an action list that helps you with the task of prospecting for business.

For more information, see About the Prospect List.

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