Top Producer® 8i CRM: Adding Family and Friends to a Contact Record

While a contact record can only have one Primary Contact Name, you can add as many family and friends as needed – which is useful for keeping track of family members, business associates, or anyone else you’d like to keep track of together with the primary person.

To add a family member for friend, open the contact record to which they will be included and click the Family & Friends tab.


This displays a list of any family and friends already included in the record. Click Add Family or Friend link in the bottom left corner.


Enter the family’s or friend’s Relation to the Contact either by typing in the field or choosing a selection from the drop-down list that appears when you click in the field. Enter their name and all other available information. Creating a Birthday and Birthday Reminder for this associate will create a birthday reminder activity that is separate from the Primary Contact’s birthday. You can also include one phone number and email address that are specific to this associate, and select if this person resides with the main contact.

Click Add Family or Friend to save the information. Repeat this process for all of this contact’s family and friends. The new associates will appear in the list.


When a contact has family and friends added, a Family and Friends icon will appear to the right of the contact name in the Contact Header section on the top of the page, as well as in the Contact Look-up list that appears on the right of many Top Producer CRM pages.


Clicking the icon will display the family and friends information in a pop-up, giving you quick access to their details and contact information.


Log in to add family and friends.

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