Top Producer® 8i CRM: Viewing Activities

Top Producer CRM offers a number of activity management tools to help you quickly create, view, edit, or complete tasks related to your business. These tools are fully integrated with your Dashboard, contact records, and listing and closing files.

Activities Summary Page

The Activities Summary page is a list of today’s activities. It can be accessed by hovering your mouse over the Calendar main menu and clicking on Activities Summary, or from the View Activities link on the Calendar landing page.

Click on an activity description to open its full details.

Key information is displayed for each activity in columns, such as priority, description, date, contact name, etc. There are a number of features available on this page:

  1. Type drop-down list: Click the drop-down list to select a specific activity type to display on the page. For example, if you choose emails, then only email activities display in the list.

    Use the fields to filter the activities you want to see:

    1. Date range: Choose the date range you would like to view.
    2. Status: Choose either incomplete or completed.
    3. Assigned to: Choose activities assigned to you, an assistant, or a team member.

    Click the Show Activities button to show only those activities that meet your filter conditions.

  2. Activities Summary page links: There are 5 links that allow you to perform activity related actions.

    1. Add Activity link: Opens the Add Activity form.
    2. Mass Open Activities link: View multiple activities at once using the Mass Open toolbar by checking the box next to the desired activities and clicking this link.

      Mass Open Activities

      Use the Next and Prev links to scroll through the selected activities. Click the X button to close the mass open view and return to the Activities Summarypage.

      Note: The Mass Open Activities feature is available from many pages in 8i where records are listed, such as the Activities tab of forms and the Contacts and Listings Summary pages.

    3. Mass Open Contacts link: View the contacts associated with the activities you’ve selected. You can scroll through the contacts using the Next and Prev links, just like the Mass Open Activities feature.
    4. Create Report link: Opens the Create Activity Report window to print out a report for the listed activities.
    5. Mass Mark Done link: Place a check mark beside the activities you’d like to mark as done and remove them from Today’s Business. This option is not available when the Type is All Activities.
    6. Mass Delete link: Delete multiple activities at once by checking the box next to an activity and clicking the link.

      Note: More links may display depending on the activity type you choose from the Show drop-down list. For example, selecting “Emails” from the list adds a >Mass Send link.

  3. Activities icons: Depending on the type of activity, you may see icons that allow you to do the following:

    1. View and Send viewandsendemailicon icon: Allows you to view the email before sending
    2. Send Email envelopeicon icon: Sends an email, completes the activity, and removes it from the Activities Summary page.
    3. Mark Done doneicon icon: Completes the activity. The activity is marked as done and is removed from the Activities Summary page.
    4. Delete Activity trashicon icon: Permanently removes the activity from Top Producer CRM.
    5. View and Print PDF pdficon icon: Opens an activity in a preview window. From here you can print or save the activity.

      Note: You can also view linked activities from the Activities tab of a contact, listing, or closing record.

The Calendar Landing Page (Appointments only)

The Calendar landing page gives you a convenient way of viewing and changing your appointments for today.

From the main menu click the Calendar icon to access the Calendar landing page.

Top Producer 8i - Calendar Landing Page

Calendar View of Appointments

The calendar arranges your scheduled activities for the day in convenient one-hour sections. The default view is today, but you can change this by clicking on the Day, Week or Month tabs. Use the lefticon and righticon buttons to scroll through days.


Note: You can change the default calendar view by accessing your Settings at the top right of the page and selecting the Calendar subtab.

Regardless of what view you’re in – day, week, or month – you can mouse over an activity to open a tooltip displaying the time and full activity description.

Clicking on an activity opens a pop-up message:


Links on the pop-up message allow you to open the appointment’s full details, mark it as done, or delete it. Close the pop-up message by clicking the X button.

Note: Be careful when deleting activities from Top Producer CRM. When you create activities you’re keeping track of all tasks related to building your business, which can be used to track your productivity.

The Calendar gives you the added flexibility of moving or copying appointments to a new date or time. To move an appointment, simply drag and drop the appointment to the new time. To copy an appointment, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and keep it depressed while dragging and dropping the copied appointment to its new location. Copied appointments can be edited.

Log in to view activities.

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