Top Producer® 8i CRM: Excluding Contacts From your Prospect List

If you Remove contacts from your Prospect List, after you refresh the list, the contacts meeting the criteria you have applied will reappear unless you exclude them. Excluding contacts from your Prospect List prevents them from appearing on all future lists. You can always choose to include records again in the future.

To exclude contacts from your Prospect List:

  1. From the main menu, hover over the Calendar menu and click Prospect List.


    Tip: You can also perform a search for the contacts you want to exclude from your Prospect List, and then exclude them from the Search Results screen by clicking Exclude from Prospect List.

  2. To exclude:

    • A single contact: Click the adjacent Remove or Exclude from List icon PS_remove_icon. Click Exclude when prompted.
    • Multiple contacts: Select the check boxes beside the records you want to exclude, or select the check box in the table header to select every contact/lead record.


      Click the Mass Exclude link at the bottom right. The Mass Exclude confirmation dialog box will be displayed. Click Yes to exclude the contacts from your Prospect List.


    The contacts are immediately removed from your Prospect List and will not appear on future lists. The date the contact was excluded appears on the contact record’s Summary tab.


    Tip: You can print a list of all contacts you have chosen to exclude from your Prospect List. For more information, see Creating a Prospect Report.

To set a contact to appear once it has been excluded:

  1. Open the record of the contact you want to remove from your excluded list.
  2. Click the Summary tab.
  3. In the Next Call/Appointment section, click the Apply Prospect Action icon prospect_add_icon.


  4. Click the Include button. The contact is no longer excluded from your Prospect List. The contact will appear in future lists if it meets the specified criteria.

    Include Prospect

Log in to exclude contacts from your Prospect List.

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