Top Producer® 8i CRM: Editing an Activity

Top Producer CRM allows you to make changes to an activity once it’s been saved. In order to make changes, you must open the activity’s full details, which can be done from various locations:

  • From the Activities Summary page
  • From the Activities tab of a contact, listing, or closing record

Any time you open an existing activity, the Activity Details form is displayed.

Top Producer 8i - Activity Details Screen

  1. The only field that can’t be changed is the activity type.
  2. Add or edit the activity details.
  3. If you’d like to link a contact to the activity, locate them in the Contacts Look-Up portlet on the right of the page and drag them into the activity. If you’d like to add multiple contacts at the same time, click the Search & Attach Multiple Contacts link to open the Search for Contacts form. To remove a linked contact, click the Delete Contact 8i Edit Activity icon next to a contact’s name.
  4. If the activity is an email, letter, postcard, envelope, or label, you can change the category and template. Click the Template Preview link to open a preview of the template with sample data on a separate browser tab. Click the Edit Template link to make changes to the selected template for this activity only.

Activity Details Form Buttons and Links

Once you’ve made changes to an activity, you can use the form buttons and links to save, preview, mark the activity done, etc.

Top Producer 8i - Activity Details Buttons

  1. Save Activity button: Saves your changes.
  2. View button: Opens the Mass Open toolbar for correspondence activities (email, letter, postcard, envelope, or label). View or make changes to generated correspondences for each linked contact.
  3. Cancel button: Removes your changes.
  4. Send link: Allows you to send an email to the linked contact(s).
  5. Print Preview link: Opens a preview of a generated correspondence for the first linked contact on a separate internet browser tab. You can print out a copy of the preview to your local printer. This link is only available for correspondence activities.
  6. Mark Done link: Once an activity is marked done, it’s removed from the Activities Summary page, the Calendar landing page, and the default “Incomplete” view of the Activities tab on a linked record’s form.
  7. Delete Activity Delete icon: Removes the activity from your database.

Log in to edit an activity.

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