Top Producer® 8i CRM: Creating a Recurring Activity

When creating an activity, the recurrence option allows you to quickly schedule the activity to automatically repeat at a specific interval. You can schedule the activity to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Tip: This article discusses the recurrence feature available when scheduling activities. For full information about all other aspects of scheduling an activity, read the Creating an Activity article.

To create a new activity, select Add Activity from within the Calendar menu. Select the type of activity and complete the rest of the Add Activity form as described in Creating an Activity. By default, the Recurrence option is set to Does not recur.

Create Activity - Recurrence

To repeat this activity automatically, select one of the recurrence frequencies from the list to display additional options:


Selecting Daily displays options for controlling how this activity will repeat on a daily basis. Note that the Start Date field is the same as the Datefield specified above the recurrence option.


  1. Selecting Every and entering the number of days will schedule this to repeat that many days apart. For example, selecting “Every 1 days” will repeat the activity every day of the week, while entering “Every 3 days” will schedule it to repeat every third day of the week.
  2. Selecting Every Weekday automatically schedules this activity to repeat every day, Monday to Friday, and excludes weekends.

Tip: If you want to create a recurring activity that happens only on certain weekdays, use the Weekly recurrence option and select more than one day of the week within it.


Selecting the Weekly option allows you to schedule the activity to repeat at weekly intervals on one or more days of the week.


  1. Enter a number into the field
  2. Place a check next to each day of the week you’d like the activity to be scheduled. For instance, entering Every 2 week(s) on and placing a check next to Monday and Thursday will repeat this activity every second week on both Monday and Thursday.

Note: While you can enter 4 weeks into the field to estimate a “monthly” recurrence, over time it will become out of sync with the months. To schedule a true monthly recurrence, select the Monthly option instead.


Selecting Monthly displays options for controlling how this activity will repeat on a monthly basis.


  1. Using the first On theoption, you can schedule the activity to repeat on specific date of the month, a specific number of months apart. For instance, you could have it recur on every 6th day of every month (On the 6 of every 1 month).
  2. Using the second On the option, you can schedule the activity to repeat on a specific day of the week based on its position in the month (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Last), a specific number of months apart. This option does not rely on a date. For instance, you can schedule the activity or repeat on the second Friday of every third month (On the Second Friday of every 3 months).

Note: An event does not have to happen every month – you can define up to 6 months between recurrences.


Selecting Yearly from the drop-down displays the different options for controlling how this activity can repeat on a yearly basis.


  1. Selecting the Every option allows you to define a specific date for the activity to recur. For instance, selecting the Every option, choosing March, and selecting 5, will schedule the activity to repeat on March 5th every year.
  2. Selecting the On the option, choosing the position of Second, selecting Thursday, and then choosing March, will schedule the activity to repeat on the Second Thursday of March, every year.

For each of the above options, in the Stop Recurring section, you must choose one of the following:

  • On 2022: Select this option if you want the activity to stop recurring after a certain date. Type a date or use the calendar pop-up to select the date of the last occurrence of the repeating activity. This does not need to be the exact date of a scheduled recurrence: no activities (regardless of recurrence settings) will be scheduled to occur after this date.
  • After [#] Occurrences: Select this option if you want the activity to occur a specific number of times, then enter the number of times to repeat in the field.

Click Save Activity at the bottom. The new activity will now appear in your schedule, repeating automatically at the frequency you specified, and ending based on the Stop Recurring option you selected.

Log in to create a recurring activity.

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