Top Producer® 8i CRM: Editing Plan Activities

Top Producer CRM includes a large selection of pre-made Plans that are specifically designed to meet a variety of needs. You may wish to make changes to these plans by editing activities. Please note that it is necessary to create a Personal Copy of a plan in order to make changes, as Default plans cannot be changed. For information about making a Personal Copy, click here.

  1. Select Plans Manager from within the Calendar menu.


  2. Click the Personal tab to display a list of the Personal Action Plans.


  3. Click the plan name to view the activities within that plan.

  4. Click on the activity’s name to open the Plan Activity screen.

    Tip: To view multiple activities, select the check boxes beside the activities you want to view, and then click the Mass Open link. Click the <Prev and Next> links at the bottom of the screen to view the selected activities.

  5. All of the activity details are editable on this screen. If the activity is a correspondence activity, the Template fieldset will be visible and the fields editable.

    • You can preview any template by clicking the Template Preview link.
    • You can edit a template by clicking the Edit Template link. If the template is a default template, you are prompted to create a personal copy after editing.
    • (For letter or email activities) You can create a template by clicking the Create New Template link.
    • (For letter, envelope, label and postcard plan activities) The Sort Mail By option determines the order in which these items will be printed when the activity is associated with multiple contacts or when you attempt to perform a mass mail out.
    • (For email plan activities only) The Automated Send feature allows you to send template-driven email messages automatically on their scheduled date and without you having to look at the email and manually send it. This can be useful for automatically responding to web leads but should be used sparingly since, in most cases, you’ll want to check everything prior to sending an email to a lead or contact.
    • (For email plan activities only) The Include Signature feature allows you to include or exclude your signature for that particular email message.

    Tip: You can view all the templates used in a particular Action plan from the Plan Templates tab.

  6. Any notes associated with the activity appear in the Notes section. You can add, modify or delete a note by typing or removing text in the Notes section.
  7. When your changes are complete, click the Save Activity button to save your changes and return to the Plan Activities tab of your plan details screen.

Log in to edit plan activities.

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