Top Producer® 8i CRM: Copying and Editing a Personal Action Plan

Once you become familiar with what default action plans can do, you may want to make some tweaks to your favorite ones, such as adding or removing activities, or changing the sequence of events. In order to make changes to a default plan you must first create a personal copy.

Creating a Personal Copy of an Action Plan

  1. From the Plans Manager page, open the default plan you’d like to copy. From the open action plan click the Copy Plan link at the bottom of the page.


  2. Create a Name for your personal action plan and change the Description to match the purpose of your new plan.

    Tip: Adding a “#” to the beginning of your action plan name places it at the top of the Plans Manager page list, making it easier for you to locate the plans you use the most.

  3. If you want to modify many of the templates used in the plan, select Create new personal copies for templates used in this plan. This automatically creates personal copies of all the templates, and saves you from having to create personal copies of each template individually. If you choose to copy the templates, you will be asked to choose the Template Category in which to save the templates, or create a new category by clicking Add.

    If you do not copy the templates, your new plan will still use the original default templates but you will not be able to edit them unless you make a copy of each template individually. You must then link each associated plan activity to the appropriate new personal template.


    Tip: To help keep your templates organized, we recommend you name your new template category the same as your Plan Name.

  4. Click the Save & View Plan button. Your personal plan opens for you to view or change.

Editing a Personal Action Plan

From your open personal action plan, you can edit or delete existing activities and add new activities to the plan.

Editing an Existing Activity

  1. From the open personal plan, click on an activity’s description to open its full details.

    Action Plan Activity

  2. From the Activity Type segment, click the drop-down list to change the activity type.
  3. From the Activity Detailssegment, make any changes you’d like to the activity. There are two fields particular to action plan activities:
    • Event Due: Decide if the activity is scheduled based on the action plan start date, or after the preceding activity is complete.
    • Weekend Activities: If the activity’s scheduled date falls on a weekend, determine if you’d like it to be moved it to the next or previous business day.
  4. If the activity is a letter, postcard, envelope, or label, you can change the category and templates used, and sort the correspondences. Click the Template Preview link to preview the selected template with sample data on a separate internet browser tab. Click the Edit Template link to edit the selected template directly from the activity you are editing.
  5. The Create New Template link opens a blank template where you can create a new Personal Template, instead of using the current template. When you save the new template you will be prompted to enter the template name and the category in which to save it. The new template will be automatically associated with the activity you are currently editing.
  6. In addition to changing the category and template, for email activities you can include an attachment, use your signature, or automatically send the email once the email’s saved.
  7. Optionally, you can enter any notes associated with this activity. The notes will not appear on any correspondence sent to contacts. Notes help you keep track of the purpose of an activity or remind you of other relevant information when these activities become due.
  8. Click the Save Activity button to save your changes.

Creating a New Activity

You can add new activities to a personal action plan.

  1. Click the Add Activity link at the bottom of an open personal plan to open an Add Activity form.
  2. Choose an activity type and fill in the necessary activity details. It’s important to know where you want the new activity to occur in relation to the other plan activities in order to set the Event Due field accordingly.
  3. If you’re creating an email, letter, postcard, envelope, or label activity, make sure you select a category and template. After you’ve chosen the template for your action plan step, you can view a preview by clicking the Template Preview link. A preview window opens on a separate Internet browser tab. Close the preview to return to the activity.
  4. Click the Add Activity button to save the activity and place it in the appropriate sequence. If you want to create another activity right away, click the Save & Add Another Activity button to open an Add Activity form.

Deleting an Activity

You can delete any activity step from your personal action plan by clicking the Delete activity 4 icon.

Deleting a Personal Action Plan

If you want to delete a Personal Action Plan and all of its activities, locate your plan in the Plans Manager list and click the Delete Action Plan 4 icon to the right.

Important: If the plan you delete is applied to any contacts in your database, their plan activities will not be removed. If you wish to remove plan activities from your contacts, it is recommended that your perform a Mass Update to remove the plan activities first, then delete the plan. DO NOT delete any of the plan’s associated templates if you are keeping plan activities applied to contacts.

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