Top Producer® 8i CRM: Searching your MLS with Top Connector

Once you have finished Setting Up Top Connector, you can quickly import your listings into Top Producer CRM from your MLS, and easily search for and select comparables for use in Top Producer CRM presentations.

Importing a Listing using Top Connector

When creating a new listing in Top Producer CRM, the quickest way to add the necessary listing information is to import it from the listing record you created on your MLS. The first field on the Add Listing Screen allows you to enter the Listing’s MLS Number. If you know the number, simply type it into the field and click Import MLS Data. If you do not know the MLS Number, click MLS Number Lookup to perform a search.

MLS Number Lookup

Tip: If you have more than one Top Connector License, only one of them will be set as the default (defined in your Top Connector Setup). The MLS Number search field only searches your default MLS. If you would like to search the other MLS, you must click the MLS Number Lookup link.

  1. If you have more than one Top Connector license: Use the MLS drop-down list to select the appropriate MLS.
  2. Select the Property Type that this Listing belongs to.
  3. Fill in as much search criteria information as you can for the property to narrow down the search. If you’re not sure what to type in the fields, just mouse over any field and Top Producer CRM opens a ToolTip with examples to help you.

    Note: Since each MLS Board is different, the search criteria will vary depending on which MLS(s) you have. Furthermore, since Top Connector accesses your MLS data through a special connection which is different than your website access, the search criteria available within Top Producer CRM may not match what is available when searching on the website.

  4. Click the View more search options link to show a list of additional fields you can use to refine your search.
  5. When you’re satisfied with your search criteria, click the Search MLS button.
  6. A list of properties matching your criteria displays on the MLS Search Results page. Click a property’s address to open a pop-up window with the property’s details. Click the X button to close the property details.
  7. To add the property to the listing, click the check box next to the listing and then click the Select Listing button. The listing information from your MLS will be added to the Add Listing form.
  8. Add the Primary Seller information, and fill in any missing information, then click Add Listing to save the listing in Top Producer CRM.

For more information about the process of adding a listing in Top Producer CRM, please see the Adding Listings article.

Importing Presentation Comparables using Top Connector

When creating a Presentation in Top Producer CRM, such as a CMA or Home Market Report, Step 3 of the creation process allows you to import comparables from your MLS for use in the presentation. The steps to perform a search are the same as when importing a single listing (see above). However, you may select several listings from the search results page to import as comparables:

After you perform a search, a list of comparables from your MLS that match your search criteria will appear. You can use the Show drop-down list to filter the results by status, and examine the information in the columns to determine if you’d like to include a comparable. For more information about a specific property, click the property address.

Top Connector Image Import

Place a check next to the comparables you’d like to include. To import and preview property images before adding comparables to the Presentation, click Get Pictures. Once you have selected the comparables you’d like to include, click the Next button. When you complete the Presentation creation process, the selected comparables will be included.

After the Presentation is created, you are able to return to the MLS search again to import additional comparables. From the CMA summary screen, click the Add from MLS link to display the search screen.

Presentation: Add from MLS

MLS Search Tips

Below are several useful tips to keep in mind when searching your MLS using Top Connector:

  • If you are searching by MLS Number and your listing is not found, be sure you are searching the correct MLS (if you have more than one Top Connector license), and that you have selected the correct Property Type.
  • If you wish to perform a search for something not available on the main search screen, click the View more search options link at the bottom.
  • Be sure to enter your search criteria using the correct format. For instance, entering a list price search of >250K (more than $250,000) may work on your MLS website, but may need to be entered as 250000+ here. Clicking within a search field will show a popup containing examples.
  • If you perform a search that is too broad, it could return an extremely large number of results. Many MLSs limit the number of results that will be returned in a Top Connector search. If there is a limit and your search is too large, not all of the results will be displayed. If this happens, refine your search criteria to reduce the number of results.

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