Top Producer® 8i CRM: Top Connector FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Top Connector. Click one of the questions to see the answer.

Can I use more than one MLS with Top Connector?

It is possible to have access to more than one MLS using Top Connector in Top Producer. Each of your MLSs must be compatible, and you require a separate Top Connector license for each.

When you have multiple Top Connector licenses added to an account, you must choose which one will become the default MLS. While you can only search one MLS at a time in Top Producer, and the default MLS is initially selected, you can always specify which MLS to search using the options on the search form.

For more information about setting up Top Connector and selecting a default MLS, click here.

Where do Property Features import to?

When using Top Connector to import your Listings, the property features like room dimensions and amenities will import into the Features field inside the Property details of a Contact Record.

To view or edit the Features field, open a Contact Record, click the Properties tab, click the property you wish to edit, and then click Property Details.

Image - Property Features

Click the Features field to switch to edit mode. Make any desired changes. When finished, click Save Property Details.

Can I import multiple listings instead of just one?

Top Connector allows for importing multiple sets of Listing data as comparables when creating a Presentation. When importing Listings, it is only possible to import one at a time.

How do I view/change imported Listing Photos?

When you import a listing from your MLS, the Listing Photos can also be imported by placing a check next to Include photos when importing. The photos become part of the Contact Record associated with the Listing.

There are two ways to access the Listing Photos:

  1. From within the Listing Record by opening the Listing and clicking the Photos tab.
  2. From within the Contact Record by opening the Contact and clicking the Photos tab. Note that this will show all photos belonging to that contact.

When multiple photos are imported, one will be assigned as the default property photo, which displays in the Listing Record Header. Typically, the photo you have designated as the “Primary” photo on your MLS will become the default photo in Top Producer. All imported photos are also assigned a Room/View Depicted type of Front View. All default Flyer and Presentation templates are configured to use the Default Front View image. Clicking an image will allow you to change the Room/View type.

Does Top Connector Synchronize Data with my MLS?

No. Synchronization implies two-way data sharing. Top Connector accesses the data on your MLS and imports (or copies) the information into your Top Producer database, which does not affect the original MLS data. Future changes made to the information in Top Producer will not be updated on your MLS.

If you have previously imported a listing using Top Connector, then subsequently made a significant number of changes to the Listing on your MLS, you can avoid having to make the same changes again in Top Producer by re-importing the information. This will over-write any of the changes you made to the listing data in Top Producer, but will keep other information like Listing Activities, Listing Parties, Notes, and Service Reports.

To re-import MLS data for a previously created Listing, open the Listing in Top Producer, click the Listing Info tab, and click Edit Listing Information. The MLS Search box is available at the top, where you can enter the MLS number and re-import the data.

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